Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Chase's Beach Photo Set

Last October, a colleague of Tilly and Brook's Mammy (the dogs I go to let out occasionally and who often feature in my daily photo project) had seen a photo that I'd taken of the pups and asked if I'd take some of her boy! Wow that was a mouth full. But I type how I speak and that's how I'd verbally explain what I was trying to explain. Anyway, she wanted some photos of her little guy, Chase, to give as a Christmas gift to her other half. As Chase is a fan of the beach, we scheduled a meet up before the weather turned colder to get some playful poses in his natural habitat.

I don't really do work for people anymore, like unless I know them, but this was lovely. We had a nice relaxed walk and I think I got some okay photos. As long as the customer is happy - that's the main thing! Anyway, not that the lady's husband would be likely to see this blog at all, but now that Christmas has passed I thought I'd share a few from Chases's beach photo set! I hope you enjoy looking at another gorgeous doggy!

That's it for today! Just a quick photo post. I also have quite a few photos I've taken of Tilly and Brook over the past couple months if you'd like to see those in a similar type of post? Let me know! Oh and share any posts of photos you have of your fur babies in the comments!