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Wednesday, 29 June 2016

My Life in Photos // June

Ah, how I love putting these posts together! I'm really looking forward to the same months next year and looking back through them all to see all the similarities and differences. I do know how lucky I am to be able to have variety during my day even through the week due to not working a full-time job.  Of course, we could really use the money, but Baker comes first and I'd never have gotten a dog if I was going to leave it alone all day. Obviously, I know different families work in different ways but we are just lucky enough for me to be able to be with him. So I am. 
Anyway, that was a little, unneeded tangent. Here is a day in my life from Wednesday the 8th of June.

1 // On my way to work and I was chuffed to surprisingly be joined again by not one, but two Fulmars! They were enjoying a good swooping session meaning I was actually able to get a semi-decent photo of them. So lucky that today I had my camera.
2 // On my way home and checking from the bridge to see if my Muscovy friend was back. Since the council cut the grass yesterday there has been no sign of her :(
3 // Yep, more bird talk. Home from work and I go straight to let baby b out for a couple hours.
4 // After I got Baker up and he sat watching the trains, I stuck a face pack on for a bit to try and help my awful skin just now.

5 // We popped outside to hang out Baker's freshly washed blankies and his dog that he sleeps with. 
6 // Now to wash off my face mask and get generally washed.
7 // Had to leave my own little monkey for an hour to go play with these beauties. Yesterday and today I stopped by to let the out and have a little run while their Mama was at work. We had a lot of fun <3 
8 // I used to love playing with these little 'helicopters' when I was little! Almost home & ready to fetch in the washing, check baby b and feed my boyo.

9 // People always ask how I manage to watch so many movies. Multitasking!! I am 90% of the time doing other stuff too while watching movies, like blogging, housework, cooking, playing with Baker or showering!
10 // Tea time! Bad me not having wholemeal pasta..but I love Conchiglie and I have never seen it in a wholemeal version.
11 // Daft hour of running in circles with toys before bed. 
12 // Ending the night with a little bowl of ice cream and more work on the laptop 

Another day over. A pretty good one though and such beautiful weather...if only we had a garden like that of Tilly and Brook (the dogs I went to let out) as Baker would love that and it'd be lovely to sit outside. I also did check on the bird a lot more but if I photographed it every time I went in that would make up most of this post :P So rest assured, it got well looked after.
Until next month, leave me links of your day!