Friday, 20 October 2017

A Day in My Life // September

Friday, 29th September.
A Day in My Life.
Yay! Back at it again with the day in my life - successfully :) I was so gutted to miss August after having already missed one earlier in the year, because I love looking back on them so much! Admittedly, it was the 29th before I remembered and so here is a boring Friday (where I am at all 3 of my jobs) in September!

1 // By 8am I'm already home from job 1 and getting ready for 40 winks.
2 // A nutritious breakfast.
3 // Covering the Zombie. Obviously that's not the brush I use for powder...
4 // Arriving at job #2!
5 // On the way to job #3, two hours later.
6 // Also taken on the 10minute walk to job #3 but was too cute not to include.

7 // Clear blue skies walking home for the day!
8 // Trying to catch the last of light/wind and hanging the washing out with my little pal.
9 // I ate 'fake meat' for the first time in years and I think I'll just stick to no type of 'meat' at all thanks!
10 // Having a bit of a laugh with some Queen compilations before bed.
11 // Book and bed!

When you see it all in only 11 photos it looks like I did nothing! But in reality I got up at 5.30, finally got in from all 3 jobs at 4.30 and went to sleep at 8.30. Meh, not a long day for many but it is for me.
I'm glad to say that as I write this I already have October's day in photos done and so don't have to worry about missing another this year just yet.
I'd love to see what you got up to in September so leave me links to your posts below!