Monday, 27 March 2017

Free Downloadable Disney Prints

So any followers or friends that have known me for over a year or two, might remember I had an Etsy store selling Disney prints. It went pretty well, I enjoyed doing it, but my super expensive printer 'broke' and the customer service told us it wasn't a certain fault just a random technical thing that is common so we'd be better off buying another than getting it fixed. Urm no :) I don't have a money tree.

Anyways, obviously I just shut down my store and it was probably for the best because now there are like wayy more similar stores, therefore a heck load of competition. As I was sorting my external hard drive recently I came across the originals so thought I might post a couple of the less rubbish ones for people that might want to download and print them off themselves, before I delete them.

Here they are. See how to get the full resolution copies at the bottom of this post.

Please proceed to this link to view the full folder of 25 images! & let me know if you do download any! They took me a lot of work and it'd be nice to know if people still like them. You can use them on your phone or print them off to frame etc, but pretty please DO NOT claim them to be your own and re-sell them as that, of course, is copy write infringement and I will not be chuffed about that :)