Friday, 24 November 2017

Halloween Evening at Beamish - Part 2

I've been putting this off because once it's posted, the last shred of Halloween is finally gone :( Boo-hoo!!! Only 341 days to go until next year...well, less because we actually went on the 23rd haha. Please do pop over and have a peek at Part 1 from our evening at Beamish open air musem before reading on, it has a lot more awesome photos!
As for the second part of the evening, we headed down to the 1900s town on the tram to hit all the spots on our map before time was up. The event was on from 6.30pm to 9.30pm which gave us only 3 short hours to cram in as much fun as we could. Here are some photos take on a disposable camera and a couple from Claire's phone.

I think I mentioned it in the previous post, but I just want to say it again as I had a couple people on the night worry for my health/safety when chugging mouthfuls of blood, that my fake blood was actually edible, food safe, mouth safe etc etc. Nah, it didn't taste too good, but heck yeah was it fun.

One of my top 5 picks for the evening was seeing the stunning vultures! They were stunning and looked so unphased by everything....I asked the owners if the camera flashes were annoying or scary for them and stuff but they said it didn't bother them at all. I'm sure one was 27 and one was 30-something years old. Amazing.
Other things we did were to visit the print shop, have a peek in the hall of mirrors (I like the one that the photo is of, the others were less flattering haha), entered the adults fancy dress costume, sat in on a 'seance' but not really a 'seance', watched the bubbleologist and had our photos taken at the photographers!

It really was such a great night. Remember to pop over to part 1 to see us at the scene of a hanging, the fire performer, me new slithery friend and way more. I know it's been almost a month now, but what did you get up to this Halloween? I'd love to see photos so make sure to leave me the link to any blog posts in the comments below or send me photos on twitter @UnderToWonder!