Friday, 18 August 2017

Disneyland Paris 2017 - Part 1

Three months later and I've finally carved some time out to get started with editing the rest of the photos from my Disneyland Paris 2017 trip. I already shared a post just of our meet and greets and two posts full of Disney Stars on Parade photography, but these are the general snaps from AM to PM.
We arrived on the night of Monday May 1st, slept and was up sharp for our first day in the parks on Tuesday the 2nd. I'm always an early bird but we got up extra early confused by the time on our hotel easy pass meaning we got to the gates way before anyone, after having strolled through a complete ghost town-esque Disney Village. However, that did mean we were the first people into the park. I've never been first in so it was a cool experience...apart from the when the other people behind started running down Main Street as if Walt Disney himself was standing in front of the castle or something.

We just took it all in our stride and had a slow wander in, took a few photos without hundereds of people ruining them and then got in the queue to wait for the boss' missus coming out...

So, if you read my character meet and greet post you'll know all about my emotional break down with Minnie. It was quite bad actually, the worst I've ever been with a character but I'm not gonna talk anymore about that when it's on the other post. We went straight from meeting Minnie to queue for Chip and Dale, which was another amazing meet, then quickly popped into the store when it opened to grab our photopass and autograph books before tagging on the end of Goofy and Pluto's queue.
Weridly there wasn't many people waiting to meet them at all and sadly they didn't have a photo pass photographer. It was yet another fab meet though and it was so cool to see Laura (my friend who I was on the trip with...duh) meeting characters for the first time. Pluto accidently knocked her ears off when they hugged and it made a funny interaction when he picked them up and put them on his nose <3

As you'll see in between character photos - and you'll know if you've seen my 2014 and 2016 series of posts - I am obsessed with details and enjoyed taking them all in while we waited. Interesting fact is the 'Pyewacket' window is in dedication to Walt's nephew Roy Edward Disney (son of his brother, the co-founder of The Disney Company, Roy O. Disney). Pyewacket and 'capt.' are a nod at his love for sailing, his yacht actually baring the name Pyewacket. Roy was a very important part of Disney history, what with being vice chairman of The Walt Disney Company and chairman of Walt Disney Feature Animation and all! If you know of him you'll know the other imporant things he has done in 'saving Disney'.

I think we'll leave this part here. FYI, all the photos in this post with characters are ones not included in the meet and greet post ;)
I'm really looking forward to getting through the rest of the images I took and sharing them with you!

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