Saturday, 31 December 2011

MMA Madness - UFC 141

Overall, yet again, another super exciting card!
This is the very first full live event that I've watched in the comfort of my very own flat :) but that didn't take away how agitated I get when watching.
In terms of my picks, things didn't go so good, starting off with the Facebook prelims...
I picked Manny, purely I guess because I liked him from TUF 5 and the fights I've seen of his have been good to watch, and unfortunately he lost (what I believe to be) a pretty close decision.
Next up was Efrain Escudero and Jacob Volkmann when yet again my pick lost! Lay on his back for most the fight only showing any slight dominance when he managed to get Volkmann in a guillotine in the final minutes of the last round which was somehow superbly defended. 2-0 to Jake in our personal betting stakes haha!
Bringing it back for me in the third fight of the night was Dong Hyun Kim with his unanimous decision over Sean Pierson who he really should of finished after having him super rocked with a front kick late into the second round.
Here was our break in the nights fights as we didn't get to view either of the Spike prelims of Anthony Njokuani vs. Danny Castillo or Ross Pearson vs. Junior Assuncao, the latter of which I was really looking forward to with Ross being a fellow North Easterner (and the only Makam I'll ever support in anything! lol). After reading the Sherdog live play by plays I'm looking forward to getting to watch both fights in the near future.

Main event time! Full of surprises and somewhat disappointment.
Jim Hettes proved himself to be a one to watch in 2012 and had my eyes glued to the screen. Not only does he have awesome judo and ground skills but I think he proved his pie chart rating of 1% Striking very wrong. With a domination of Nam Phan that I'm sure not many people expected, especially not me, I take my hat of to the young up and comer! I would very much like to follow his future after such an brilliant fight and  listening to his post fight interview with Ariel Helwani in which he seems like such a humble, down to earth guy.

Not much to say for the next fight. I thought Matyushenko stood an okay chance after his quick KO of Jason Brilz in his last fight, but it wasn't to be when the vet was ground and pounded until the ref stepped in at the end of the 1st.
Getting closer to the main event and another surprising yet exciting bout when Johnny Hendricks knocked out Jon Fitch with one punch 12 seconds in! Being a fan of both I didn't know what to do, so I cried haha. Gutted for Fitch, but chuffed for Hendricks...not sure if he quite deserves the title shot hes asked for just yet though.
Now, a fight everyone was hyped for. You know when the 'Diaz' name is involved its going to be a brawl and Nate didn't disappoint. 3 rounds of back and forth slugging with Cowboy Cerrone making good use of his leg kicks although he failed to take the top position after sweeping Nate's legs which could of secured him more points. The official fight of the night and another of my picked making me happy! War Diaz!

This is it. The painful part to type so I'll not write much. Overeem's debut fight in the UFC and he defeated Brock. I though Brock would of managed to take him down and ground and pound but nope :/ Anyways, before the post fight interview with Joe Rogan I called that he was gonna announce his retirement. Which he did. Fair enough he may not be the most amazing fighter ever, but I find that alot of the unnecessary hate against him is because of his WWE background and I cried again to see another guy I like leave the UFC roster this year. At least we got MIGUEL TORRES back eh?!

Happy New Year all, roll on UFC Rio in two weeks! Yey!

Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's My Life - Better Late Than Never.

I keep putting this off and putting it off but I guess I'll just quickly post up a few photos and have it over and done with. The Holidays post!
FYI These gifts were Jake's daughters from our early Christmas at our house. 

Jake and I went to spend the holidays at my parents. It was gonna be my first Christmas in my own house but with feeling down lately and it being the first year without my Granda, I wanted to be at their house to help make things more normal for my Nana...and for the food I guess 'cause I'd of never managed to cook anything :/
Anyways, its practically tradition that we spend every Christmas Eve at our good friends, The Boyds, house to track 'Santa' with the bairns with the online tracker, Norad and sprinkle out the Reindeer food up the road :) I'd left it a surprise to them that I was still coming this year and wish I could of taken a photo of the expression on Hazels face when she answered the door! I was so happy that everyone was excited to see me.
Here are my three (not so) little 'siblings' Katie, Holly and Matt while we were out doing the Reindeer's food trail!
And the Christmassy cupcakes I baked everyone...

We spent thee day at my parents obviously, had a lie in as always haha and picked up my Nana and Molly the dog. It was very weird without my Granda. I cant imagine how hard it must of been for my Mam and my Nana but I think everyone did very well to keep it as normal as possible.

Of course the many animals are never left out and Molly, Bunny, Scamp, Dusty and Minnie all opened their presents too. Bunny seemed to take a shine to Jake even though hes not an animal fan, while she was in the house getting cuddles and carrots and even tried on his hat! :)

This year just didn't feel the same for some reason. It made me think why I actually celebrate the 'Birth of Christ' when I'm an Atheist, like a vast amount of others around the world, its rather hypocritical. 
Hoping to post some better, more interesting and less depressing blogs in the weeks to come - Super hyped for UFC 141 at the weekend! Expect a post around about then I guess...

Oh! And I best not forget. A huge congratulations to my clients, Kim and Scott, mentioned in the previous post who safely delivered a baby girl yesterday morning! Cannot wait to photograph, what will be, the smallest I've worked with yet! 

Hope everyone had a safe and happy winter break. Keep an eye out for my UFC 141 post. 

Thursday, 22 December 2011

J.D Photography - Baby Fever!

I know soo many people right now that I went to school with and stuff who are expecting or have just become new parents. 
Lucky for me I get to photograph the little cuties and hand them back after a few smiles, no poop or crying for me!! :P

Anyways, last week we took the hike up to Berwick (thankfully clear of snow) to attend two photo shoots and kill two birds with one stone by getting some visits in.
The first shoot of the trip was for a lad I used to work with and his partner doing portraits of their two month old little girl Laila. Here she is. Before and after!

The next day I had a pre-birth shoot for Kim and Scott who are expecting on Christmas Eve! Hopefully mini miss holds on over the festive season haha. They were both perfectly lovely and I really enjoyed this shoot. I can't wait to work with them again once baby arrives, so on for the little ones '1st Year' package and finally their wedding next October! 
They requested the photos stay private so here is just a small teaser of the Bump photo set.

Please feel free to check out my website for lots more examples of my work and price lists: The Photo Dojo!
I will defiantly update again over the holiday period with lots of photos!
Until then, take care and Merry Christmas to everyone :) 

Saturday, 17 December 2011

It's My Life - Neglect!

It was all going so well with regular updates, but alas, life has gotten in the way yet again.
Ive been pretty busy the last week or so...I guess...ha. We spent a long weekend at my parents whilst I was in town for a couple of photoshoots (which my next proper blog will be about), to get glasses (photos also to follow) and made some personal calls for a change.
It was soo nice to see a friendly face and have just a normal chat. A visit to Gills is never short of smiles, even more so now with her beautiful little girl Grace around and I really enjoyed catching up :)
Upon our arrival home, the last of the Christmas preparations have been being made. Like every year I strive to achieve what I call 'Home Alone' worthy present wrapping and challenge anyone to a wrap off!
Other than that Ive been tring my best to introduce my man to the wonders of The Ultimate Fighter and Lost. In fact Im off to watch some more!
Watch this space for a new photography post in the next few days :D x

Monday, 12 December 2011


Another quick MMA realated blog entry, post UFC 140.(Yey, I got to watch it live! So good to have proper internet access again.)
Typing from my phone so I'll keep this short...
Overall a freakin well exciting card, with a (technically) new tie for fastest KO by Korean Zombie, a snapped arm for Nog and yet another win for Bones Jones.
Duane 'Bang' Ludwig will always hold the fastest KO for most people,  but that takes nothing away from Chan Sung Jung with his 7second stoppage, hes always exciting to watch and I  expected a good fight. I was chuffed for Little Nog too for his 1st round TKO of Tito (who I dislike with a passion) via body shots and was surprised that he made no excuses in the post fight interview...!
The night hit a downer with another of my least favorite fighters, Frank Mir, defeating Big Nog, it was sick to see his arm snap :( and to round off the evening Jon Jones remained undefeated to my mispleasure. Although, all props to Machida for having Bones rocked in the 1st and not tapping to the standing guillotine in the 2nd.
Moving on.
The more important reason for blogging tonight.
The fact of Miguel Torres being realesed from the UFC.
Disgraceful, plain and simple and on the UFCs behalf not Miguels. Anything said on twitter should be taken with a pinch of salt especially with jokes reapeated from else where. Fair enough the company had to cover their own backs but I cant help thinking theres something else to fuel his dissmissal when a week beforehand, Forrest Griffin got away with a pretty similar case.
Whatever happened its certain Torres will be a huge loss from the UFC and we can only hope he is given a second chance.
Enjoy this picture of Me and the man in question from the UK expo last year.:)

Thursday, 8 December 2011

Opinions of a Housewife - The Happiest Place On Earth.

Disneyland. Full Stop.
I'd live there if I could. I've been feeling a little down lately, on and off and for no particular reason :(
I wish I could just fly away to Disneyland and get a big hug off Mickey!

Its been almost two years since my last visit which is now, regrettably, tainted but I still regard it as one of the best times of my life. I woke up super early everyday in the best of moods, enjoyed each day to the fullest and fell asleep at night with a smile on my face.

There's no way you could be unhappy at Disneyland, unless you are a heartless cow, 'cause every tiny detail is superb. I just wish that a certain someone would want to come with me in the future and let me prove how magical the place is. It bugs me when people say they're 'too old' for Disney too, like I'm 21 and am currently sitting watching Dumbo, thoroughly enjoying it. Its also the only place in the world that I would ever be relatively happy in winter!

One thing that I am interested to find more out about is the speculation that Disney, especially the older original animated feature films are full of sexual and drug references. First mentioned by my other half, I have since Googled the apparent claims and think it ridiculous how far some people will go to try and degrade the Disney brand. It is even hinted that Walt Disney himself was apart of the Illuminati!
Lets start with Alice in Wonderland, one of the more believable allegations.

  • She is 'Chasing the white Rabbit'.
  • The Caterpillar smokes a hookah.
  • Alice eats 'Mushroom' to grow larger and smaller.
  • They are all 'Acidtripping' at the Mad Hatters tea party. 
I do agree the movie itself is quite trippy and things could easily be mistaken as drug references but I can't understand why the Disney corporation would knowingly include such things in their productions.
Next, Snow White.

  • An alternative name for Cocaine.
  • The names of the dwarfs can be side affects of drug use.
There are many other story's thrown about on the internet to say that movies such as 'The Little Mermaid', 'The Lion King', 'The Rescuers' and 'Aladdin' to name a few include sexual subliminal messages and promote violence.
I know none of what I have read effects my love for Disney, what do you think?
For a more in depth read check out this HubPage.

Catch you all later :) x

Sunday, 4 December 2011

It's My Life - A Day In The Life Of A Housewife

People have always jumped to the conclusion that I'm anti-social, when in fact I just enjoy being alone.
I love being around others too, don't get me wrong, but when there's nothing in particular to do I'd rather be at home alone chilling out to some music and just pottering about, rather than trailing about aimlessly.
Today the Mr has gone for a skate again. :)
I love that he skates. And rather than me feeling lonely when he goes out, I appreciate it 'cause I get to do stuff like blog and workout like I did earlier and yesterday!
I am defiantly determined to get fit again like. In no way do I think I'm fat or any of that nonsense but I would like to tone up again and get back to a good fitness level and until I'm working again I can't afford a gym membership...hence resorting to my old Ministry of Sound Pump it Up workout DVD. :P Its actually pretty good though, always a good selection of tunes when MOS is involved and you can actually feel it the morning after. I attempted to start running again too but until I can improve my cardio that's out of the window! Might try again once winter buggers off. Trying to get back into a normal sleep pattern would also be good as I seem to be currently nocturnal.

Break in the blogging right now as Jakey has arrived home and I need to get back in the Kitchen!

Okay, tea out of the way and I'm back cuddled in the duvet on the sofa as boss man plays some more Fable.
Today we've been together 3 months! I'd never really be that arsed but I think its quite cool seeing how far we've come in such a short space of time. I feel like I'm constantly laughing and being silly! Like last night, we randomly had an ice fight in the kitchen after I cleared out the freezer, it was lots of fun. Stuff like that to mini photo shoots in the home studio and just laying on the sofa are the best things ever. Ive never been so happy and I hope things continue to look up.

Enough puke worthy rambling for today I guess, t'ra. x

Saturday, 3 December 2011

MMA Madness - Suffering Withdrawls pt.2.

3am, slightly tired, watching the boss play Fable 2. Thought I'd take the chance to continue my MMA related ramble.
So yeah, November 12th should of been my second live event. UFC 138 Leben vs Munoz, in Birmingham. I even had a press pass believe it or not, to be a ringside photographer. I was the most excited I can ever remember being for anything (maybe barring Disneyland) thinking it could of been a foot in the door of the only career I'm actually interested in. But of course it wouldn't go straight forward for me! Nothing does. The long and short of it is I couldn't afford the travel and accomadation and therefore missed out on a once in a lifetime opportunity. Nevermind.
The dissapointment just kept flooding in after that when BJ announced his retirement and Kurt lost his Bellator fight and announced his re-retirement. Yes, I am not ashamed to say I cried like a baby upon hearing both sets of news haha!
I suppose I should discuss some more optimistic things...
UFC 139.
There isn't much to say apart from what a freaking great card it was.
Henderson vs Shogun = Fight of the Year?! So glad I got to see this as I was at my parents and they still have ESPN from when Daddy ordered it for me before I moved out :P.
Last topic is that of UFC on Xbox live. I remember hearing about this months ago while being forced to watch the E3 conference. Upon reading up on it tonight I'm pretty stoked for it. Streaming of Pay per views means I don't need to fork out for Sky and ESPN, I'll get to keep up to date with pressers, weigh ins and countdowns again and the whole voting for your picks thing is right up my street. Heres hoping I can get it!!
Getting super tired now...maybe bed soon for this nocturnal lass :)
Sweetdreaming! x

Friday, 2 December 2011

MMA Madness - Suffering Withdrawals.

From MMA. Not drugs.

I may not be the most clued up on the sport but I do consider myself quite a fan, especially for a girl!
I've become more and more interested in the ever growing sport for the last few years and am suffering due to lack of internet and ESPN in the new flat. I find myself stalking twitter (as I mainly only follow MMA fighters and the like) to get the goss.

Thinking back there was a time that I would never miss and event. Even if I had work at 9am and only got an hours sleep due to the time difference.
Its been over a year since my first event! October 16th 2010 saw the UFC's 9th visit to the UK with UFC 120: Bisping vs Akiyama and this time was the added bonus of the very first UK fan expo! I am very lucky to say I attended both the expo and the event and they were a few of the best days of my life.
Safe to say I forked out for the best seats - If I was travelling to the other end of the country I was gonna have the best view. And it was well worth it to have better seats than Dizzie Rascal and Katie Price & Alex Reid AND be sitting beside amazing fighters like Brad Pickett and even get to chat to them, pretty surreal! The whole atmosphere in the arena that night can not be replaced.
The expo was mental too. I got to stand in a real Octagon and meet my all time favorite fighter, Kurt Pellegrino, amoungst other legends like Wanderlei Silva and Stephan Bonnar who said I had a cute name :P
If that wasn't enough, being a fight club member meant early entry and prioity seats to the weigh ins which gave me a chance to get some amazing photos that have even been featured on a couple websites :)
I'll include some photographic evidence for the skeptics.

Thee Tickets.

Wanderlei Silva and I

Me in the Octagon!

Kurt Pellegrino and I <3

The actual view from my seat. (No zoom B] )

'Sexyama' on the scale.

Mike Pyle playing up to the Brits. (I cheered him on though!)

Thats probably enough writing for one post although I have alot more to say about certain people retiring ect. Might post from bed later depending on certain circumstances....


Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Out and About - Blogging from the Beach!

You can eventually tell winter is coming (to quote A Game of Thrones) as our routinely visit to the beach is accompanied by hats and gloves this time around.
I should really of been born in Hawaii or something 'cause my body does not appreciate cold weather at all, but Ill always put up with it for a shell hunt :).
Yesterday was an aweful day weather wise too but thankfully I now live in a place that has things to do on a rainy day in the surrounding areas.
We visited Tynemouths Blue Reef Aquairum and were the only visitors there! Its common knowledge that Im just a big kid and enjoyed it the most :P
The last time I went there was with my friend Sophie while we were in Tynemouth for the 2008/09 boarding festival and its had an awesome addition since...
It now encorporates a small primate enclosure with totally cute Marmosettes!
Apart from that Im not a big fan of fish, they freak me out, but the seals were amazing. Theres an indented window type thing into their tank where I sat and they all came up swimming towards me - I thought it was well cool (Maybe got a bit too excited haha) .
The last thing we saw was the otters getting their tea and even though we were the only people there the guy still stood and talked to us about them. I enjoy daily facts.
'Till next time :) x

Sunday, 27 November 2011

'Insert Generic New Blog Title Here'

Brand new start to life = Fresh new blog.

I always feel like a total dweeb typing away to myself, especially when I haven't kept up to date with a blog in so long...

Well, I suppose I'll re-introduce myself as Danielle, ex-author of 'The Photo Dojo' blog. (Deleted for personal reasons).
Photographer, Disney Obsessed , MMA fanatic and super anti-socialite.
Look out for posts based on all of the above topics and more. :)

This is me! Taken by my partner Jake.

And this is the person to of made my life so happy the last few months.

More posts to come...