Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Out and About - Blogging from the Beach!

You can eventually tell winter is coming (to quote A Game of Thrones) as our routinely visit to the beach is accompanied by hats and gloves this time around.
I should really of been born in Hawaii or something 'cause my body does not appreciate cold weather at all, but Ill always put up with it for a shell hunt :).
Yesterday was an aweful day weather wise too but thankfully I now live in a place that has things to do on a rainy day in the surrounding areas.
We visited Tynemouths Blue Reef Aquairum and were the only visitors there! Its common knowledge that Im just a big kid and enjoyed it the most :P
The last time I went there was with my friend Sophie while we were in Tynemouth for the 2008/09 boarding festival and its had an awesome addition since...
It now encorporates a small primate enclosure with totally cute Marmosettes!
Apart from that Im not a big fan of fish, they freak me out, but the seals were amazing. Theres an indented window type thing into their tank where I sat and they all came up swimming towards me - I thought it was well cool (Maybe got a bit too excited haha) .
The last thing we saw was the otters getting their tea and even though we were the only people there the guy still stood and talked to us about them. I enjoy daily facts.
'Till next time :) x

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