Thursday, 22 December 2011

J.D Photography - Baby Fever!

I know soo many people right now that I went to school with and stuff who are expecting or have just become new parents. 
Lucky for me I get to photograph the little cuties and hand them back after a few smiles, no poop or crying for me!! :P

Anyways, last week we took the hike up to Berwick (thankfully clear of snow) to attend two photo shoots and kill two birds with one stone by getting some visits in.
The first shoot of the trip was for a lad I used to work with and his partner doing portraits of their two month old little girl Laila. Here she is. Before and after!

The next day I had a pre-birth shoot for Kim and Scott who are expecting on Christmas Eve! Hopefully mini miss holds on over the festive season haha. They were both perfectly lovely and I really enjoyed this shoot. I can't wait to work with them again once baby arrives, so on for the little ones '1st Year' package and finally their wedding next October! 
They requested the photos stay private so here is just a small teaser of the Bump photo set.

Please feel free to check out my website for lots more examples of my work and price lists: The Photo Dojo!
I will defiantly update again over the holiday period with lots of photos!
Until then, take care and Merry Christmas to everyone :) 

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