Thursday, 29 December 2011

It's My Life - Better Late Than Never.

I keep putting this off and putting it off but I guess I'll just quickly post up a few photos and have it over and done with. The Holidays post!
FYI These gifts were Jake's daughters from our early Christmas at our house. 

Jake and I went to spend the holidays at my parents. It was gonna be my first Christmas in my own house but with feeling down lately and it being the first year without my Granda, I wanted to be at their house to help make things more normal for my Nana...and for the food I guess 'cause I'd of never managed to cook anything :/
Anyways, its practically tradition that we spend every Christmas Eve at our good friends, The Boyds, house to track 'Santa' with the bairns with the online tracker, Norad and sprinkle out the Reindeer food up the road :) I'd left it a surprise to them that I was still coming this year and wish I could of taken a photo of the expression on Hazels face when she answered the door! I was so happy that everyone was excited to see me.
Here are my three (not so) little 'siblings' Katie, Holly and Matt while we were out doing the Reindeer's food trail!
And the Christmassy cupcakes I baked everyone...

We spent thee day at my parents obviously, had a lie in as always haha and picked up my Nana and Molly the dog. It was very weird without my Granda. I cant imagine how hard it must of been for my Mam and my Nana but I think everyone did very well to keep it as normal as possible.

Of course the many animals are never left out and Molly, Bunny, Scamp, Dusty and Minnie all opened their presents too. Bunny seemed to take a shine to Jake even though hes not an animal fan, while she was in the house getting cuddles and carrots and even tried on his hat! :)

This year just didn't feel the same for some reason. It made me think why I actually celebrate the 'Birth of Christ' when I'm an Atheist, like a vast amount of others around the world, its rather hypocritical. 
Hoping to post some better, more interesting and less depressing blogs in the weeks to come - Super hyped for UFC 141 at the weekend! Expect a post around about then I guess...

Oh! And I best not forget. A huge congratulations to my clients, Kim and Scott, mentioned in the previous post who safely delivered a baby girl yesterday morning! Cannot wait to photograph, what will be, the smallest I've worked with yet! 

Hope everyone had a safe and happy winter break. Keep an eye out for my UFC 141 post. 

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