Monday, 12 December 2011


Another quick MMA realated blog entry, post UFC 140.(Yey, I got to watch it live! So good to have proper internet access again.)
Typing from my phone so I'll keep this short...
Overall a freakin well exciting card, with a (technically) new tie for fastest KO by Korean Zombie, a snapped arm for Nog and yet another win for Bones Jones.
Duane 'Bang' Ludwig will always hold the fastest KO for most people,  but that takes nothing away from Chan Sung Jung with his 7second stoppage, hes always exciting to watch and I  expected a good fight. I was chuffed for Little Nog too for his 1st round TKO of Tito (who I dislike with a passion) via body shots and was surprised that he made no excuses in the post fight interview...!
The night hit a downer with another of my least favorite fighters, Frank Mir, defeating Big Nog, it was sick to see his arm snap :( and to round off the evening Jon Jones remained undefeated to my mispleasure. Although, all props to Machida for having Bones rocked in the 1st and not tapping to the standing guillotine in the 2nd.
Moving on.
The more important reason for blogging tonight.
The fact of Miguel Torres being realesed from the UFC.
Disgraceful, plain and simple and on the UFCs behalf not Miguels. Anything said on twitter should be taken with a pinch of salt especially with jokes reapeated from else where. Fair enough the company had to cover their own backs but I cant help thinking theres something else to fuel his dissmissal when a week beforehand, Forrest Griffin got away with a pretty similar case.
Whatever happened its certain Torres will be a huge loss from the UFC and we can only hope he is given a second chance.
Enjoy this picture of Me and the man in question from the UK expo last year.:)

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