Friday, 2 December 2011

MMA Madness - Suffering Withdrawals.

From MMA. Not drugs.

I may not be the most clued up on the sport but I do consider myself quite a fan, especially for a girl!
I've become more and more interested in the ever growing sport for the last few years and am suffering due to lack of internet and ESPN in the new flat. I find myself stalking twitter (as I mainly only follow MMA fighters and the like) to get the goss.

Thinking back there was a time that I would never miss and event. Even if I had work at 9am and only got an hours sleep due to the time difference.
Its been over a year since my first event! October 16th 2010 saw the UFC's 9th visit to the UK with UFC 120: Bisping vs Akiyama and this time was the added bonus of the very first UK fan expo! I am very lucky to say I attended both the expo and the event and they were a few of the best days of my life.
Safe to say I forked out for the best seats - If I was travelling to the other end of the country I was gonna have the best view. And it was well worth it to have better seats than Dizzie Rascal and Katie Price & Alex Reid AND be sitting beside amazing fighters like Brad Pickett and even get to chat to them, pretty surreal! The whole atmosphere in the arena that night can not be replaced.
The expo was mental too. I got to stand in a real Octagon and meet my all time favorite fighter, Kurt Pellegrino, amoungst other legends like Wanderlei Silva and Stephan Bonnar who said I had a cute name :P
If that wasn't enough, being a fight club member meant early entry and prioity seats to the weigh ins which gave me a chance to get some amazing photos that have even been featured on a couple websites :)
I'll include some photographic evidence for the skeptics.

Thee Tickets.

Wanderlei Silva and I

Me in the Octagon!

Kurt Pellegrino and I <3

The actual view from my seat. (No zoom B] )

'Sexyama' on the scale.

Mike Pyle playing up to the Brits. (I cheered him on though!)

Thats probably enough writing for one post although I have alot more to say about certain people retiring ect. Might post from bed later depending on certain circumstances....


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