Saturday, 31 December 2011

MMA Madness - UFC 141

Overall, yet again, another super exciting card!
This is the very first full live event that I've watched in the comfort of my very own flat :) but that didn't take away how agitated I get when watching.
In terms of my picks, things didn't go so good, starting off with the Facebook prelims...
I picked Manny, purely I guess because I liked him from TUF 5 and the fights I've seen of his have been good to watch, and unfortunately he lost (what I believe to be) a pretty close decision.
Next up was Efrain Escudero and Jacob Volkmann when yet again my pick lost! Lay on his back for most the fight only showing any slight dominance when he managed to get Volkmann in a guillotine in the final minutes of the last round which was somehow superbly defended. 2-0 to Jake in our personal betting stakes haha!
Bringing it back for me in the third fight of the night was Dong Hyun Kim with his unanimous decision over Sean Pierson who he really should of finished after having him super rocked with a front kick late into the second round.
Here was our break in the nights fights as we didn't get to view either of the Spike prelims of Anthony Njokuani vs. Danny Castillo or Ross Pearson vs. Junior Assuncao, the latter of which I was really looking forward to with Ross being a fellow North Easterner (and the only Makam I'll ever support in anything! lol). After reading the Sherdog live play by plays I'm looking forward to getting to watch both fights in the near future.

Main event time! Full of surprises and somewhat disappointment.
Jim Hettes proved himself to be a one to watch in 2012 and had my eyes glued to the screen. Not only does he have awesome judo and ground skills but I think he proved his pie chart rating of 1% Striking very wrong. With a domination of Nam Phan that I'm sure not many people expected, especially not me, I take my hat of to the young up and comer! I would very much like to follow his future after such an brilliant fight and  listening to his post fight interview with Ariel Helwani in which he seems like such a humble, down to earth guy.

Not much to say for the next fight. I thought Matyushenko stood an okay chance after his quick KO of Jason Brilz in his last fight, but it wasn't to be when the vet was ground and pounded until the ref stepped in at the end of the 1st.
Getting closer to the main event and another surprising yet exciting bout when Johnny Hendricks knocked out Jon Fitch with one punch 12 seconds in! Being a fan of both I didn't know what to do, so I cried haha. Gutted for Fitch, but chuffed for Hendricks...not sure if he quite deserves the title shot hes asked for just yet though.
Now, a fight everyone was hyped for. You know when the 'Diaz' name is involved its going to be a brawl and Nate didn't disappoint. 3 rounds of back and forth slugging with Cowboy Cerrone making good use of his leg kicks although he failed to take the top position after sweeping Nate's legs which could of secured him more points. The official fight of the night and another of my picked making me happy! War Diaz!

This is it. The painful part to type so I'll not write much. Overeem's debut fight in the UFC and he defeated Brock. I though Brock would of managed to take him down and ground and pound but nope :/ Anyways, before the post fight interview with Joe Rogan I called that he was gonna announce his retirement. Which he did. Fair enough he may not be the most amazing fighter ever, but I find that alot of the unnecessary hate against him is because of his WWE background and I cried again to see another guy I like leave the UFC roster this year. At least we got MIGUEL TORRES back eh?!

Happy New Year all, roll on UFC Rio in two weeks! Yey!

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