Friday, 27 January 2012

It's My Life - Animals > Humans.

Consider this an introduction to my newest family member; little miss Mousen Eskdale. :)

I have been an animal lover as long as I can remember and have up until now had 3 rabbits, 1 Guinea Pig and 8 hamsters (alongside numerous fish, even though they freak me the hell out).

They are defiantly considered a friend and family member by me. I talk more to pets than I do to people most of the time, as there is no worry of any sort of let down with a cute tiny fluff ball. 
Most of my babys have had, what I consider to be, cool names! :P And my new Syrian, Mousen, is no exception. Dubbed 'Moo' for short the name first came from her having markings similar to that of a cow, hence 'Moo', then it evolved to 'Mousen' and inside joke about a small place I drive past on the road up to my parents. 

I agree with the 'never work with children' quote but I think working with animals is brilliant! I've always tried to get some interesting photos of my hammies and even though they hardly stop moving when you get a great shot its so worth it! Ive also been explored on flickr for one of Scamp. :)  

Here are a couple of my hamster army past and present - 






I also had a gorgeous tan and white smooth haired Syrian called baby bear who unfortunately passed away after only a fortnight of living with me due to breathing complications :(
This group of beauties are better friends than any person could ever be! Just wait until I win the lottery and buy my farm! :D

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