Sunday, 15 January 2012

MMA Madness - UFC 142

Best, most exciting card this year! Okay, its only the first event this year so far...but so many quality finishes on one night was amazing.
With almost every fight ending in the first round there was no chance to take your eyes off the screen.

There was only one Facebook prelim last night, Felipe Arantes vs. Antonio Carvalho, a great opening fight that went the distance ending in a unanimous decison for the Brazilian.
We then moved to FX for the preliminary card where the action was started straight off when Mike Pyle TKO'ed Ricardo Funch. Originally rocking Funch with a straight right, he followed it up with a brutal knee and following him to the ground, raining down punches, the ref jumps in 1.22 into the first round.
Another unanimous decision came for Yuri Alcantara after a nice bout with Michihiro Omigawa making good use of his judo. The end of the first round ends in confusion when it is unclear until the tape is played back whether Omigawa had tapped to the vicious arm bar Alacantara pulled on with just seconds left of the round, it is confirmed that there was no tap and the fight goes the distance.
 Gabriel Gonzaga vs. Ednaldo Oliveira, originally the Brit Rob Broughton vs. Ednaldo Oliveira, starts with an display of faints leading to a small exchange where Gonzaga grabs his chance to bring it to the ground. Here he wastes no time in making this the second 1st round finish of the card with a super fast rear naked choke! Awesome.
The last pre lim fight again goes the distance and ends in a unanimous decision defeat of Sam Stout for Thiago Tavares.

Main card time! And what I am sure many will regard as a definite contender for KO of the year.
Following an attack on Terry Etims legs, the first two rounds go to Edson Barbosa. No change in 3rd for Barbosa use of leg kicks and at 2.02  he lands a sweet spinning wheel kick square on Etims jaw knocking him out cold. Everyone goes crazy, including all of us twitter fans :P This fight also was awarded KO AND fight of the night.
Next up alot of controversy after the Erick Silva stoppage of Carlo Prater. Only 29 seconds in and the fight is stopped with Prater unable to escape the barrage of hammer fists but as Silva celebrates, ref Mario Yamasaki declares him disqualified for illegal punches to the back of the head. After many replays no one can see the apparent illegal blows, Joe Rogan especially found the result unjust as he 'interviewed' Yamasaki practically telling him he was wrong.
Rousimar Palhares vs. Mike Massenzio, again, was a first round defeat. Palhares, the ADCC silver medal holder used, what could be said to be, his signature heel hook to finish Massenzio just over a minute into the fight securing himself the submission of the night bonus!
Jam packed full of action even before the co-main fight took place, the event kept up its string of outstanding fights when the legend that is Vitor Belfort makes this his first submission stoppage (in the UFC) since 1997,  rear naked choking Anthony Rumble Johnson, despite his failure to make weight. Coming in at 11lb over the weight limit, this isnt the first time Rumble has come in over and it has been reported that he has now been cut from the UFC roster for his continuous cutting issues.

Personally the fight I was least interested in was the main event and featherweight title fight between  José Aldo  vs. Chad Mendes in which Aldo retained his belt. KO by knee joining the evenings 1st round finishes and celebrating by running into the crowd! ( Much to the horror of the security. I'm sure he can take care of himself lol)

Overall defiantly a hard card to follow you should agree. Just wish I could of afforded to be there live.
 Now to look forward to seeing Bang KO Neer on the 20th! Woo!!

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