Friday, 13 January 2012

The World Is Definatly Gonna End This Year!

Once again, its very late and Ive messed up my sleeping pattern more. Not that I cant get up if I need to obviously.
My handsome mans new shoesies are arriving tomorrow/this morning hopefully and as we never hear the door, were staying up in the hope they come at a reasonable hour.

Anyways, I gathered I hadnt written a post in a while and thought an update was in need before my usual post UFC blog on Sunday.
Since last time Ive had another photoshoot, a newborn shoot, for my clients mentioned a couple posts back. Also still on the hunt for a full time 'day job' until I can get enough bookings to make a proper living out of (if ever) or my dreams come true and my exciting emails are put into action again. This time Ill keep all hush about that though as not to jinx things!

Oh! And the hugest change lately...
The other day marked my 1 year anniversary of being a full UK driving licence holder...and the 11th marked the day I had to declare my car off road and decide to sell it.  :'(
Im not in the position right now to be able to afford the madness of the amount of money insurance costs for a 21 year old female. I am so extremly grateful for all the help my Dad and Mam have given me the past few months, especially with the car, without which making it to photoshoots in Berwick would of been potentially problematic (sneeky HP quote hiding in there for any super fans like me lol). But yeah. Im car-less. Its been a little weird so far but Ill get used to it I guess.

Other than all that nothing too exciting going on in Blyth. But apparently at 3.13 on yesterday there was a suspected 'Sonic Boom' which of course everyone is claiming to be an earthquake and that the world is deffo gonna end now. Gotta trust those Myans!

...Im off to play Runescape. Peace.

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