Sunday, 5 February 2012

MMA Madness - UFC 143

So ESPN had a free weekend this weekend :D !!
That meant I got to watch the UFC on an actual TV for a change, and thankfully because I had no internet access to be able to stream anyways. The only downfall of this was that I didn't get to see the preliminary fights, which judging by play by plays and peoples tweets, was a big miss.
The fights I did get to see were mainly good, lacking many big finishes though.
Starting with Ed Herman v Clifford Starks with the first and only submission of the main card, (my pick) Herman finished 1.43 into round 2 after just losing the first round to Starks after a great 5min exchange.
Next up (I was right again when) Renan Barao made good use of his jab and mixed it up with kicks for the full 15minutes to beat Scott Jorgensen to a unanimous decision.
Josh Koscheck v Mike Pierce was a pretty even fight ending in Koscheck edging the split decision (chalking up another victory for me) , leading to the fight I was most hyped for - Fabricio Werdum v Roy 'Big Country' Nelson. After seeing Werdum compete in the 2011 ADCC in Nottingham I decided Is be backing the Brazilian.
First thing to mention in this contest was the apparent change to Nelsons appearance. It was quite obvious that he has made an effort to slim down his famous 'physique' and I think it made a big difference as I predicted Werdum would have been a little more dominant. Excitingly I thought it was all over, super early into the 1st, when Werdum took it to the ground looking for the rear naked choke but Nelson managed an escape and got to his feet. At this point Nelsons face is attacked by some big knees, making it clear he can take more than take a hit but the fight is paused for a doctor to check the bloody mess.
The round restarts and Werdum again connects with another knee, then they drop to the ground with Nelson this time defending the BJJ champs arm bar attempt.
The fight makes it to the third where Big Country grabs a standing guillotine, though it isn't on tight and as Werdum stands up bringing the round to a close still landing the more substantial shots. Winner by Unanimous decision, Fabricio Werdum!
Finally Carlos Condit and Nick Diaz step up to compete for the interim welterweight belt.
Which also went the distance, unfortunatly with a very unpopular result. For the full 5 five minute rounds Condit backed up and ran away from Diaz constantly throwing ineffective leg kicks, a typical product of Greg Jacksons camp.
At the end of the fight Nick Diaz proclaimed to Joe Rogan that he 'doesn't need this shit' and declared his retirement from MMA.
A huge disappointment to a lot of MMA fans and fighters alike and defiantly a sign that the judging system needs to be revised.
BJ retires after being beat by Diaz, Diaz retires after being beat by Condit...will Condit retire after his likely defeat by GSP?

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