Wednesday, 11 April 2012

It's My Life - 10 Things I Love About You

I've seen this feature on a couple different blogs and decided I'd try it out myself.

So here goes - 10 Things I Love About YOU Mr Jake Beacham :)

In no particular order..

1. That you skate. I love watching you and get all proud of you. I like watching skate videos with you and trying to take in your wisdom (although its alot harder than expected). :P 

2. How you call me 'pet names', like 'Dear', 'Babe' and especially 'Dearest'. I can't help but grin at it. 

3. All the little random things we have in common. For example the video games we played when we were younger, the films we like and humor we enjoy, to the hobbies we can share like watching MMA together.

4. Your general appearance. Ha, that might sound nasty to some people but its common knowledge that I'll admit to being superficial. Appearance and style are the first thing you notice about a person and you are perfect. My dream man, exactly 'my type'. 

5. I don't need to say much more than - Your accent <3

6. You always keep a promise. You come home, the time you said you would. 

7. We get on so well. You really are my best friend and a day doesn't go by that I don't smile or laugh because of you. Obviously there's the odd little disagreement, just like everyone else but its not 5 minutes before were joking and talking in our funny voices again. Haha!

8. I adore that you don't treat me any different in front of other people. It doesn't matter who you're with or where you are, you always, ALWAYS tell me you love me, hold my hand and give me kisses. As I've told you I've never been touchy feelly or lovey dovey and you have completely transformed me into a soppy fool!

9. That you are addicted to tea! I may occasionally roll my eyes when I go make you a cup but at least its better than alcohol eh ;)

10. This wasn't as hard as I though and now I don't know what to put as the last item on this list!
Hmm. That fact that you don't care what others think meaning that you act silly and do funny embarrassing things, its the best. 

So there it is. The worlds most cringy, cheesy, soppy blog post ever. Especially dedicated to my favorite person in the whole wide world ever.  I'd love to read other peoples posts of this feature and find new blogs to subscribe to, so feel free to comment or get in touch with links!

Danielle x


  1. This is a really lovely idea :) I'm going to have to do this too at some point. Lovely blog


  2. It is isn't it? :) Thanks! I nabbed it from someone elses blog too. I'll make sure to keep an eye out for your post. x