Saturday, 14 April 2012

Currently Obsessed V.1 !

I am a very 'that is so last week' type of girl when it comes to many things I take an interest in. That said I thought a great feature for the blog would be about my recent obsessions!
A couple months back I went though a phase of being deadly serious that I wanted to take up sword swallowing... Yeah you read that right. Rediculous. Compleltly mental. But if anyone had said that to me I'd of argued back, I have to come to the conclusion myself that a certain hobby is not for me. I researched online about it, figures and facts, even started 'training' myself to lose my gag reflex by sitting with a teaspoon down my throat while watching TV in an evening. Goodness, looking back I must of seemed a loon. Haha! I really would like to be a sword swallower and join the Circus of Horrors but in reality how possible is that when I gag wearing a gum shield.

Anyways, very recently the app 'Instagram' has come to Android!

Yey! I love my HTC and was pretty chuffed when I was able to download the app. For those unfamiliar to Instagram, it began in October 2010 as a free photo sharing app exlusive to iPhones. As of this month the program was availible to Android users via Google Play racking up over another one million downloads in 12 hours to its existing 30 million users.
 I like to take photos of everyday life to keep a kind of picture diary to look back at, usually sharing on twitter and facebook, but I find instagram a great place to keep this all separte and share some of my actual photography with a different audience.
However, on April 9th of this year the giant social network that is Facebook announced its purchase of the independant company, with its tiny workforce of 13, for a staggering $1 billion! Many long time fans and users have since considered the deletion of their accounts fearing the mainstream destination that Instagram is heading towards. Once Facebook gets its hands on Instagram, it will very shortly be able to be used online rather than just on smart phones which will secure another immense increase in traffic. Already hundereds of celebratys and the like have public accounts, allowing fans a look inside their world similarly to the twitter craze but will this ruin the Instagram community for good or will it phase out just like past social networking websites, Bebo and Myspace.
I'm going to enjoy it as it lasts anyways, like I say I'll most probably of found something new to play with in a week or two.
My username is theSweetnessD , feel free to come and have a spy if you're interested!

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