Monday, 9 April 2012

It's My Life - Numbers

Fans of the epic TV series 'Lost' will know all about these. And I'm obsessed with them.
I've now watched the full 6 series' twice after convincing my man that he needed to see them! I think and hope that he enjoyed the show as much as me. I would easily consider it to be the best TV show of all time. Ever.

I've probably well over thought it but I seem to think that all of the numbers, minus one, have a significant meaning to me. Maybe I'm just trying to hard and they aren't such significant things after all but I'll list them anyways.

4 - The 4th of September 2011 is the date that my love and I became 'official'.  <3

8 - It was the 8th month of 2011 when my life took a big change in direction, which was very much welcomed. I was freed from a bad past, started to see old friends more, made new friends and moved out of the run down town that I'd lived in all my life.

15 - Is the date in December that my Mammy was born. I know for a fact not all people would consider this but, since I have moved out especially, I'm quite close with my parents. (This is where my reasons start to lack slightly I guess ha)

16 - Jake's Birthday. <3

23 - This has (for as long as i can remember) been my favorite/lucky number. I'm in love with the Jimmy Eat World song and hope that when I reach that age I will be on the right track in life.

42 - This is where I am stumped. I assume that the number will mean something sooner or later, so I'll keep an eye out for it.

What do you think? Can anyone else relate to all the 'Lost Numbers'. Hurley thought the numbers were bad, I think different.... :)


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