Thursday, 26 April 2012

Out and About - A Day In The Life Of My College Self

First off the 15th of this month saw one of my good friends, Sophie, turn 21! Yey! She has finally caught me up and joined the adult club but, as we discussed, we both still feel about 16...

I met Sophie when I was in college back in 2008 (which seems a hell of a long time ago now) and she is one of the only people from my whole education life that I am still in contact with. 

A group of us that all found each other while taking ND photography at Newcastle, used to spend more time going to the cinema and trying to find fun, free stuff to do in the town, than we did on our actual course.(Not our fault! haha) Which is where our love for The Discovery Museum started.

Unfortunately, Sophie and Gracie moved to Manchester meaning only having seen each other a handful of times in the last couple years but as soon as Soph said she was going to be in town to celebrate her birthday we had to meet up! 
First port of call was obvious. The Discovery Museum! We had a catch up and a laugh, probably acting more excitable than any kids in the place. The best news I got was that shes moving back north :) This makes me happy because I really can count all my friends on one hand and don't get to leave my flat much. I look forward to lots more museum adventures and hopefully some mini summer road trips (car and job permitting). 

I'll leave you with a few pictures from our latest outing. x

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