Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Its My Life - Meet Bunny (And another tiny surprise!)

Its been a while since I bragged about my beautiful little creature family, so I'm going to. :P

My last post involving our pets was an introduction to Mousen , upsetting as it is, I have to report her passing away. I was absolutely distraught and completely confused - As you will see from that post I have been an avid hamster fan and owner for about 5 years now, have gained a great knowledge of them and treat them as if they were my children. (I know that sounds weird, but anyone with pets will agree they are a member of the family) I can only expect that it was an underlying condition that she had, like alot of bulk bought pet shop animals.
Mousen only spent a matter of weeks with us and I miss her lots. :(
As if that wasn't bad enough the dreaded phone call came a short while after from my Mam to tell me that my 3rd oldest, Scamp, had left us to! Thankfully Scamp had enjoyed an amazing life and reached 3! (A year older than the average estimated age for hamsters).
(My mammy still looks after my rescue baby Dusty and my little Minnie 'mouse', I'd love to have them too but I think not only would the hamsters miss my parents, but my parents would miss the hamsters! I am extremely grateful for all the love and care they get given though :D)
Scamp in the Scale attracted alot of attention on Flickr.

After all the tears and finally being settled in the flat it was decided that my baby Bunny would come to live with me. He'd been looked after so well by 'Granny' (my Mam) and had fun playing in the garden eating her plants, but he was my responsibility and having a stable home again I wanted him with me. 
Originally he was meant to be a house rabbit but circumstances lead him to be in an outdoor hutch.
He seems to of settled into being a house rabbit in my flat brilliantly though! He is such a funny character, so much more like a cat or dog than a bunny. 
So here are a few photos of the beaut. He is actually called Bunny too by the way! 

Since I pre-write my posts, I have to add onto the end of this. Yesterday we had an unexpected new addition to the family... Nike is an 8 week old lionhead rabbit and him and Bunny seem to be getting on amazingly! I cannot believe how much more boisterous and nosey he is compared to Bunny when he was the same age but I think he is going to settle in very well. 
Enjoy these photos and GIF's of my Baby Bunny (who is now 1 year old!) and Jake's new baby Nike running the place :) 

Feeling at home, relaxing in the sun.

Look how small Nike is compared to Jake's shoe!

Tiny Bully Nike, chasing Bunny!


Saturday, 26 May 2012

My Soundtrack V.1

As a huge music fan from a young age I have a massively eclectic taste where genres are concerned.
I can go straight from listening to things like Slipknot to David Gray, Jimmy Eat World to Jay Z and Taking Back Sunday to Tiesto.
I regularly find one song I love and play the hell out of it.
So I thought I't be fun to share what I'm listening to currently and keep a track on how my music listening behaviors change.

Alex Clare - Too Close

Kicking off with a tune that I originally heard first on an Internet Explorer TV advert and automatically made me wanna move and dance to it whenever it came on. Admittedly, dub-step is one of my least favorite genres as alot of it just sounds too overpowering compared to garage and techno incorporated but I think Too Close has the proportions just right. The vocals of Alex Clare remind me alot of David Gray actually, I find it refreshing to hear such an awesome male vocalist on a dub track, alot that I've heard feature females. 

Yeah, this is what I have on repeat right now anyways. What do you think of it? What are you listening to?
Remember its easy to comment and share your opinion (even if you don't have a Blogger or Google account, just select 'Comment as : Anonymous' ) I'd love to hear from everyone! I know you're there...:P 

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Out and About - The First Day Of Summer!

Most people in the UK will have seen that rare natural occurrence yesterday...a large glowing ball in the sky, commonly known as the sun! 
Yes, summer is (hopefully) here.
We took the opportunity to actually leave the flat and go for one of our nature walks along the beach, collecting shells, spotting crabs and even found a starfish. I love living by the sea. Seeing as I grew up under half a mile away from a beach that I could see from my bedroom window. I don't think I could ever live inland.
Here are some photos of our day -

A starfish we found washed up and put back in the sea.

All alone on our private beach.

Jake and I. 

My foot in Jakes footprint.

Clean water.

Baby Crab/Birdys lunch. 

Our lunch.
Shared with the birds.

Shell haul.

I have so many post ready to just publish but had to slip this one in and share our day. Hope you made the most of the sun just like us. :) 

[Unfortunately we didn't take the DSLR with us, therefore these pictures are only from my HTC and Jake's Iphone] 

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Share the Love V.1

Simply, every now and again I’m going to post one of these ‘Share the Love’ blogs to shout out any other blogs or websites I have been loving recently. (Similarly to those videos popular in the YouTube community)

Anyways, after posting my Bucket List post I got some lovely feedback from people, a few even said I had inspired them to write their own!
Two friends of mine actually did start their own bloggers and published their lists.
Chloe, at Life is Grand, was super enthusiastic and ended up with a lovely heart felt and determined list of 89 things to achieve in her life. My favourite things from her list are numbers, 8, 20, 54 and 73. To see what they are as well as her full Bucket List click here!
Another beautiful young lady to compile a list is Claire at YOLO. I am super proud of this one as Claire happens to be my younger cousin J  8, 34 and 42 make me smile the most. Be sure to go check her blog out too here!

Next, moving on to my amazingly talented other half and his friends. They have finally decided to start a Skate blog! Keeping all video edits and photography in one place with journal type posts of their adventures, this blog is a must follow. I am so very proud of my man, if you couldn’t already tell, and hope that he will keep up with regular updates. Click here to headover to WelAye NE24!

Now lastly, I have only just stumbled across this blog but was completely touched as it hits home with me. This amazing girl is only 16 years old and has, very sadly, got terminal cancer. As most of my friends will know, a very close friend of mine lost her battle with cancer in August of 2010 aged 19 making this quite hard to write for me, but I want everyone that reads this to go and read about Alice’s day to day life including her bucket list.  Such an inspiration, just like Sarah, both such stunning girls, inside and out.
I don’t want to ramble too much and send all my love and best wishes to Alice and all those affected by such horrible circumstances.

Love and Miss you <3
Danielle x

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Currently Obsessed V.2

Although I was accepted during the early entry, limited registration phase back in August 2011, I've only recently headed back over to Pottermore.
As the name hints Pottermore is a website by J.K.Rowling keeping the Harry Potter world alive after the books and films have finished. With additional information, stories and thoughts from Rowling herself, fans get an inside look at how the books came together, how she decided on names of characters and places and some more in depth backgrounds of specific characters while moving through the chapters of each book.
Not only do we get all this fabulous information but there are actual interactive ‘games’/’lessons’ such as Duelling practise and Potion making for you gain house points to help your house compete for the house cup! You can also gain points by collecting items like Chocolate frog cards and ingredients hidden within the chapters.
Now Pottermore has opened fully to the public, as of 14 April, the community has boomed with 2,491,836  ‘students’ altogether (8th May 2012).
651,179 of those belong to Gryffindor , 631,165 in Hufflepuff , 589,115 Ravenclaw and 620,377 in Slytherin…who are currently winning on house points! Booo!
Just like Harry, you visit Diagon alley to get your wand and school essentials and get sorted into houses!
Here is my wand…

And the house I was sorted into…

Originally I was a bit gutted to be in Hufflepuff, I wanted to be in Ravenclaw with my favourite character Luna Lovegood! But after reading more about the house I think I fit in well. I roped my other half into joining too, just to see what he would be sorted into, and the jammy bugger got into Gryffindor! He's living up to their reputation though, hes one hell of a dueler...!
The next book, The Chamber or Secrets, is still not available (which no existing release date) giving us students plenty of time to practise our potions and duelling! 

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Out and About - Pizza and Round-A-Bouts

Two outings with friends in the past few weeks! Very unlikely for me. But again I very much enjoyed my day out of the house.
So on the 4th of this month my friends Danielle, Ethan her son and Barry took the bus up to Morpeth. Mainly for Danielle to take her car theory test (Congratulations clever lady!) but we made a day of it - milling about the shops, stopping for lunch, then working it all off in the park.
First off I cannot sing Giavanni's Restaurant praises enough. Not only was the Italian food super yummy, the decor cozy and obviously my company lovely but the staff were top notch and absolutely brilliant with little Ethan. (He got a big handful of sweeties as we left too!!)
If by chance you live in the area its defiantly worth a look in.

Then we took Ethan to big park, being a giant 21 year old child though I probably enjoyed it more than he did! Here are a couple of snaps from my phone.
Thanks for a lovely day out guys! x

Saturday, 5 May 2012

My Top 5 - Disney Animated Movies

(I have quite a few cool blog post already drafted, ready to publish and I couldn't wait to post this! So instead of every 5 days, I'm going to make it a post on Wednesdays and Saturdays! Yey!)

Evidently I am a massive Disney fan! And I had the idea of starting the ‘My Top 5’ list series.
So first off is a list of my top 5 favorite Disney Animated Movies :D

Counting down …

5. Toy Story (1995)
Andy is the little boy version of me when I was small. I treat my toys like friends, lined them all up in bed and bid them goodnight. I just adore the story line and would still love to believe my soft toys come alive and have fun while I'm away.
Not only did Pixar release Toy Story as their first feature length film, it was also the first feature length film to be made completely with CGI! The voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen bring the lead rolls of best friends Woody and Buzz to life with a lovely familiarity grabbing this timeless movie a spot on my list!

The most recent one of all my choices, although still 10 years old! I hadn’t actually seen the film until recently either but the character Stitch gave me such an amazing personalized experience at Disneyland that I fell in love with him <3 His obsession with Elvis Presley reminds me of my beloved daddy too :) 

I’m surprised to find that Peter Pan barely scrapes in at number 20 on a lot of other lists I’ve seen. To me it is one of the most stereotypical ‘Fantasy/Fairy Tale’ Disney movies there are. That epitomizes my love of the Disney name.

This obviously had to be on the list judging by my tattoos! (I have the little blue birds friends of Snow White tattooed below my collar bones, ready to add the washing line as soon as funds permit :P).

I feel that she is the perfect woman. She is beautiful and lovely, caring and a friend to animals, as well as looking after her little men by cooking and cleaning. Does life get much better than that! 

AND . . .

Last but not least and topping my chart at #1 is the home of all the most mad, eccentric, different and kooky characters in Disney history. The bright colours and astounding animation for the 50s contribute to the popular story to make this my all-time favorite Disney film. 

'' Alice: Do you think I've gone 'round the bend? 

Charles: I'm afraid so... you're mad. Bonkers. Off your head... but I'll tell you a secret... all of the best people are. ''

Allegations that Alice in Wonderland, along with other Disney films promote sex, drugs and other illicit ideas to the primarily child audience is ludicrous in my mind. But feel free to read my separate blog post discussing that and share your opinions!

Well there it is. Probably a lot of surprises to family and friends, especially that the likes of the Lion King is missing. But films that make me cry sad tears are not wanted here!
:D x

[All photos on this blog are all my own, taken with either my Nikon D5000 or snapped on my HTC, copywrites apply. ]