Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Currently Obsessed V.2

Although I was accepted during the early entry, limited registration phase back in August 2011, I've only recently headed back over to Pottermore.
As the name hints Pottermore is a website by J.K.Rowling keeping the Harry Potter world alive after the books and films have finished. With additional information, stories and thoughts from Rowling herself, fans get an inside look at how the books came together, how she decided on names of characters and places and some more in depth backgrounds of specific characters while moving through the chapters of each book.
Not only do we get all this fabulous information but there are actual interactive ‘games’/’lessons’ such as Duelling practise and Potion making for you gain house points to help your house compete for the house cup! You can also gain points by collecting items like Chocolate frog cards and ingredients hidden within the chapters.
Now Pottermore has opened fully to the public, as of 14 April, the community has boomed with 2,491,836  ‘students’ altogether (8th May 2012).
651,179 of those belong to Gryffindor , 631,165 in Hufflepuff , 589,115 Ravenclaw and 620,377 in Slytherin…who are currently winning on house points! Booo!
Just like Harry, you visit Diagon alley to get your wand and school essentials and get sorted into houses!
Here is my wand…

And the house I was sorted into…

Originally I was a bit gutted to be in Hufflepuff, I wanted to be in Ravenclaw with my favourite character Luna Lovegood! But after reading more about the house I think I fit in well. I roped my other half into joining too, just to see what he would be sorted into, and the jammy bugger got into Gryffindor! He's living up to their reputation though, hes one hell of a dueler...!
The next book, The Chamber or Secrets, is still not available (which no existing release date) giving us students plenty of time to practise our potions and duelling! 

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