Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Its My Life - Meet Bunny (And another tiny surprise!)

Its been a while since I bragged about my beautiful little creature family, so I'm going to. :P

My last post involving our pets was an introduction to Mousen , upsetting as it is, I have to report her passing away. I was absolutely distraught and completely confused - As you will see from that post I have been an avid hamster fan and owner for about 5 years now, have gained a great knowledge of them and treat them as if they were my children. (I know that sounds weird, but anyone with pets will agree they are a member of the family) I can only expect that it was an underlying condition that she had, like alot of bulk bought pet shop animals.
Mousen only spent a matter of weeks with us and I miss her lots. :(
As if that wasn't bad enough the dreaded phone call came a short while after from my Mam to tell me that my 3rd oldest, Scamp, had left us to! Thankfully Scamp had enjoyed an amazing life and reached 3! (A year older than the average estimated age for hamsters).
(My mammy still looks after my rescue baby Dusty and my little Minnie 'mouse', I'd love to have them too but I think not only would the hamsters miss my parents, but my parents would miss the hamsters! I am extremely grateful for all the love and care they get given though :D)
Scamp in the Scale attracted alot of attention on Flickr.

After all the tears and finally being settled in the flat it was decided that my baby Bunny would come to live with me. He'd been looked after so well by 'Granny' (my Mam) and had fun playing in the garden eating her plants, but he was my responsibility and having a stable home again I wanted him with me. 
Originally he was meant to be a house rabbit but circumstances lead him to be in an outdoor hutch.
He seems to of settled into being a house rabbit in my flat brilliantly though! He is such a funny character, so much more like a cat or dog than a bunny. 
So here are a few photos of the beaut. He is actually called Bunny too by the way! 

Since I pre-write my posts, I have to add onto the end of this. Yesterday we had an unexpected new addition to the family... Nike is an 8 week old lionhead rabbit and him and Bunny seem to be getting on amazingly! I cannot believe how much more boisterous and nosey he is compared to Bunny when he was the same age but I think he is going to settle in very well. 
Enjoy these photos and GIF's of my Baby Bunny (who is now 1 year old!) and Jake's new baby Nike running the place :) 

Feeling at home, relaxing in the sun.

Look how small Nike is compared to Jake's shoe!

Tiny Bully Nike, chasing Bunny!



  1. Absolutely love this blogg nike seems fab and he's the right colours ( toon toon )lol i especialy like what said about all your pets you should be called Danielle Dolittle xxxxx

  2. love this postttt such cute animals :) lovely hun :)

    making me want a rabbit so much more now :) :) xxxx

    1. Haha, Do it! They act like dogs but are so much easier. You get alot of love and fun out of them. :) x

  3. aww, your bunnies are too cute!! adorable! love reading about other people's pets! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay