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My Top 5 - Disney Animated Movies

(I have quite a few cool blog post already drafted, ready to publish and I couldn't wait to post this! So instead of every 5 days, I'm going to make it a post on Wednesdays and Saturdays! Yey!)

Evidently I am a massive Disney fan! And I had the idea of starting the ‘My Top 5’ list series.
So first off is a list of my top 5 favorite Disney Animated Movies :D

Counting down …

5. Toy Story (1995)
Andy is the little boy version of me when I was small. I treat my toys like friends, lined them all up in bed and bid them goodnight. I just adore the story line and would still love to believe my soft toys come alive and have fun while I'm away.
Not only did Pixar release Toy Story as their first feature length film, it was also the first feature length film to be made completely with CGI! The voices of Tom Hanks and Tim Allen bring the lead rolls of best friends Woody and Buzz to life with a lovely familiarity grabbing this timeless movie a spot on my list!

The most recent one of all my choices, although still 10 years old! I hadn’t actually seen the film until recently either but the character Stitch gave me such an amazing personalized experience at Disneyland that I fell in love with him <3 His obsession with Elvis Presley reminds me of my beloved daddy too :) 

I’m surprised to find that Peter Pan barely scrapes in at number 20 on a lot of other lists I’ve seen. To me it is one of the most stereotypical ‘Fantasy/Fairy Tale’ Disney movies there are. That epitomizes my love of the Disney name.

This obviously had to be on the list judging by my tattoos! (I have the little blue birds friends of Snow White tattooed below my collar bones, ready to add the washing line as soon as funds permit :P).

I feel that she is the perfect woman. She is beautiful and lovely, caring and a friend to animals, as well as looking after her little men by cooking and cleaning. Does life get much better than that! 

AND . . .

Last but not least and topping my chart at #1 is the home of all the most mad, eccentric, different and kooky characters in Disney history. The bright colours and astounding animation for the 50s contribute to the popular story to make this my all-time favorite Disney film. 

'' Alice: Do you think I've gone 'round the bend? 

Charles: I'm afraid so... you're mad. Bonkers. Off your head... but I'll tell you a secret... all of the best people are. ''

Allegations that Alice in Wonderland, along with other Disney films promote sex, drugs and other illicit ideas to the primarily child audience is ludicrous in my mind. But feel free to read my separate blog post discussing that and share your opinions!

Well there it is. Probably a lot of surprises to family and friends, especially that the likes of the Lion King is missing. But films that make me cry sad tears are not wanted here!
:D x

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