Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Out and About - The First Day Of Summer!

Most people in the UK will have seen that rare natural occurrence yesterday...a large glowing ball in the sky, commonly known as the sun! 
Yes, summer is (hopefully) here.
We took the opportunity to actually leave the flat and go for one of our nature walks along the beach, collecting shells, spotting crabs and even found a starfish. I love living by the sea. Seeing as I grew up under half a mile away from a beach that I could see from my bedroom window. I don't think I could ever live inland.
Here are some photos of our day -

A starfish we found washed up and put back in the sea.

All alone on our private beach.

Jake and I. 

My foot in Jakes footprint.

Clean water.

Baby Crab/Birdys lunch. 

Our lunch.
Shared with the birds.

Shell haul.

I have so many post ready to just publish but had to slip this one in and share our day. Hope you made the most of the sun just like us. :) 

[Unfortunately we didn't take the DSLR with us, therefore these pictures are only from my HTC and Jake's Iphone] 

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  1. As always another enjoyable blogg i love seeing you so happy you definatly deserve to happy it certainly shows,but next time take your nikon with you :) xxx love you :)