Saturday, 12 May 2012

Out and About - Pizza and Round-A-Bouts

Two outings with friends in the past few weeks! Very unlikely for me. But again I very much enjoyed my day out of the house.
So on the 4th of this month my friends Danielle, Ethan her son and Barry took the bus up to Morpeth. Mainly for Danielle to take her car theory test (Congratulations clever lady!) but we made a day of it - milling about the shops, stopping for lunch, then working it all off in the park.
First off I cannot sing Giavanni's Restaurant praises enough. Not only was the Italian food super yummy, the decor cozy and obviously my company lovely but the staff were top notch and absolutely brilliant with little Ethan. (He got a big handful of sweeties as we left too!!)
If by chance you live in the area its defiantly worth a look in.

Then we took Ethan to big park, being a giant 21 year old child though I probably enjoyed it more than he did! Here are a couple of snaps from my phone.
Thanks for a lovely day out guys! x

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  1. love your bloggs love you darl :) keep the bloggs coming xx