Saturday, 19 May 2012

Share the Love V.1

Simply, every now and again I’m going to post one of these ‘Share the Love’ blogs to shout out any other blogs or websites I have been loving recently. (Similarly to those videos popular in the YouTube community)

Anyways, after posting my Bucket List post I got some lovely feedback from people, a few even said I had inspired them to write their own!
Two friends of mine actually did start their own bloggers and published their lists.
Chloe, at Life is Grand, was super enthusiastic and ended up with a lovely heart felt and determined list of 89 things to achieve in her life. My favourite things from her list are numbers, 8, 20, 54 and 73. To see what they are as well as her full Bucket List click here!
Another beautiful young lady to compile a list is Claire at YOLO. I am super proud of this one as Claire happens to be my younger cousin J  8, 34 and 42 make me smile the most. Be sure to go check her blog out too here!

Next, moving on to my amazingly talented other half and his friends. They have finally decided to start a Skate blog! Keeping all video edits and photography in one place with journal type posts of their adventures, this blog is a must follow. I am so very proud of my man, if you couldn’t already tell, and hope that he will keep up with regular updates. Click here to headover to WelAye NE24!

Now lastly, I have only just stumbled across this blog but was completely touched as it hits home with me. This amazing girl is only 16 years old and has, very sadly, got terminal cancer. As most of my friends will know, a very close friend of mine lost her battle with cancer in August of 2010 aged 19 making this quite hard to write for me, but I want everyone that reads this to go and read about Alice’s day to day life including her bucket list.  Such an inspiration, just like Sarah, both such stunning girls, inside and out.
I don’t want to ramble too much and send all my love and best wishes to Alice and all those affected by such horrible circumstances.

Love and Miss you <3
Danielle x

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  1. Good blogg yet again you always put things across the right way I'm so proud of you,finally you always touch me when you talk of Sarah she was an amazing young person taken to soon by a terible illness :( xxx