Wednesday, 20 June 2012

It's My Life - Currently...

I've seen this kind of post on a few different blogs out there and thought that my life is slightly interesting currently, so here it goes. 

Reading: After practically a year without so much as picking up a book, I've started to read the first book in the 'A Game of Thrones' series. Yey! I'm loving it so far. I was a major fan when the first season was on tv and have 'banned' myself from watching the second season until I finish this first book!

Watching: My favorite thing I'm watching every week just now is the new season of 'The Walking Dead'. Not a fan of gore but I love anything to do with zombies and obviously after being hooked by the first season when I saw it at the end of 2010 I was excited for season 2 to premier on tv over here. 

Anticipating: My 'Uncle' (close family friends) Boydy's 40th birthday party this weekend! If it wasn't for seeing my parents, Nana and the Boyds, I would never return to my home town. But I'm really looking forward to seeing the whole clan this weekend, always a laugh wherever the Boyds are concerned. Not to mention we will have wifi...meaning TWO UFC'S and the F1 while were there! Woop, woop chicken soup!

The two little miss Boyds. Closest things I have to sisters <3

Laughing about: These silly rabbits of ours! They are just so cute and funny. Especially baby Nike, he still hasn't grasped his sense of balance yet and is constantly running into things and falling over. 

Listening to: A CD my Dad brought me back from Ibiza - Amnesia, The Ibiza Sessions 2003. Banging.

Eating: Nothing while on the laptop, that would end in tears. 

Working on: Lots of new blog posts! 

Wishing: Jake or I had a job. I know everywhere has unemployment issues right now but it'd be nice not to worry about paying the bills.

What are you up to Currently?

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  1. Always interested to read your bloggs and always enjoy them darl xxxx