Saturday, 30 June 2012

What's Going On? -The Day the Storm Came.

The 28th of June 2012 brought us the worst storm I have ever encountered.
Us in the North East were hit hard and there were some awful consequences.
Here are some images of how bad it actually got.

Very frightening. And it seems as though many were determined to get where they were going, unfortunately resulting in alot of abandoned cars.
There were stories and photos of people actually swimming in the dirty water filling streets and Whitley Bay Skate Park (above) for example. I hope they realized it wasn't just rain water before taking the plunge...yuck!

The poor Tyne Bridge!! :(

Thank goodness around our house wasn't too bad and most of the evidence of events were gone the morning after. I hope everyone is safe and my sympathy's are with those who's houses, cars and especially family and friends didn't escape so lightly. 

Images included are from Itv, JakHealth, The Northern Echo, Real Radio, Ryan Lilburn, Chronicle, Metro . 

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  1. God i wouldn't liked to have been on that plane or in a car on tyne bridge