Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What's Going On? - Diamond Jubilee Celebrations!

Unless you've been living underground lately you will be aware that everyone has been celebrating the fact that our Queen has been on the throne for 60 years!
I think it is so awesome that our country has such an amazing history and monarchy and just wish that I could of been in London to experience the atmosphere of this astounding show of patriotism.
Instead I've been glued to the television taking in all the information I could from all the different special programmes that have been on, as well as watching the coverage of the river parade, concert and thanksgiving at St Paul's Cathedral.

Not only am I a proud English citizen, but an immensely proud Granddaughter...
Back in my home town, my very own Nana was chosen to represent their estate as 'Queen for the day' at the street party. So cool! Read more here.

Although I couldn't make the event, I got a lovely card made from Snapfish (image shown above) to let her know I was thinking of her :)

We did have a tiny party for our babies though! Check it out, here is our salute to Her Majesty the Queen!

Hope you all enjoyed whatever you did this weekend, even if you arent a patriot and just made the most of the extra long weekend. 

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  1. Another fab blogg you always seem to say the right things darl Bunny and Nike seemedto enjoy their Jubilee feast and thanks for giving your nana a mention love you xx keep the bloggs coming