Wednesday, 13 June 2012

It's My Life - My Movie Blacklist

(WARNING- May contain spoilers)

In general, I am a very very emotional person so not surprisingly I have a little cry watching most films, whether it be happy tears or upset tears.
I've always been a person to watch lots of movies of all genres but since moving into our own flat, Jake and I watch quite a few per week. Once in a while we'll come across one that makes me blub so much that I declare myself emotionally scarred and I 'Black List' the film as a 'Never to watch again'.
Here are a few that have found themselves on said list:

  •  Marley and Me - If you have seen this its completely evident why its on the list. And if you didn't shed a tear while watching this you're heart must be made of stone! If that fact that she loses her child isn't sad enough, the dog dies! An animal death is always unbearable to me :(.

  • Seven Pounds - This is a fantastic film, I loved the story line even if it was a bit soppy compared to what I usually like (I tend to steer clear of chick flick love story's) but it was far to lovely and heart warming to not cause me an emotional breakdown, waterfall of tears and a spot on this list.

  • The Pursuit of Happiness - Now I know this is another Will Smith film, but in no way is downing on him as he happens to be one of my favorite actors. Another excellent story, well portrayed by Smith and his actual son in real life. But yet again the hard knock life, trying to better his situation plot is far too sentimental for me to watch again.

  • Green Street - Bet this one want as expected! A football hooligan film made me cry. It's true. The tough guy throughout turns out to not be a complete douchebag and sacrifices himself to save his sister in law. Touching! :')

  • 50/50 - I saw this most recently. I like Seth Rogan and although I was aware the story line was about cancer I didn't expect it to effect me the way it did. I don't reccomend it to anyone that has lost someone due to cancer. 

Then comes the Disney section.
(I say they're on the list but its inevitable that I will watch them numerous more times in my life)

  • The Lion King - An animal death. Need I say more. Poor Mufasa.
(How beautiful is this piece of  art, I found it here and wish to credit the artist with no copywrite intended.) 

  • Bambi - For children's movies I think they are rather tragic. Seeing Bambis mammy die will stay with me for life! But the overall story is too cute with his friends Thumper and Flower also making up for the poor deers loss.

Right now I think that draws us to a conclusion, no doubt I will add to the list at some point! What movies upset you? Do you have a 'Black list'? Comment and tell me!

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  1. I love this post! But unlike you, I deliberately watch movies that make me cry! Haha. I like a good cry now and then. Seven Pounds & The Notebook every time!
    Sarah xx