Saturday, 9 June 2012

Out and About - Date Day at the Museum.

[I'll start this of with many thanks to my dear Daddy, as otherwise we'd of spent another day stuck in the flat. <3 ]

Thursday the 7th Jake and I headed into Newcastle town center for a date day! Up sharp, we got the bus (I miss my car) into town and headed straight for The Hancock Museum.
After all my years of living in and around Newcastle combined with my interest for museums, its a shame I've never been before now. But to tell the truth I wasn't really aware it existed.
Anyways, I thoroughly enjoyed our look around - despite it being half term and filled with children!
Here are some of the many photos we took.

I wasn't quite sure what to think about real stuffed animals at first, but this display is stunning! 

Me having lots of fun exploring! 


I very much like a gift shop but refrained from spending all our money. I did buy the cutest little white seal pup soft toy purely as I had a practically identical one as a child from Edinburgh Zoo and we got a keepsake  penny in one of those machines that flatten the coin when you turn the wheel - it says 'Julius Geordius' on it, I found that funny!

I had a few extra photos I wanted to add so here is my very first attempt at a GIF!
1. Spot the odd one out..! haha
2. Apparently the Swastika symbolized good luck to the Romans.
3. Jake guarding the guards.
4. A pretty enamel 'S' that I wanted for my Mammy.
5. I wish house keys were still like this, no losing them easily.
6. I dunno how artifacts stay in such amazing condition!
7. A Mummy. 

Afterwards we went into town and had a look around the shops, picked up quite a few new dvds, then walked down to the quayside and across to the Baltic art gallery. I'm not into all this weird modern art, I don't understand it and the only 'exhibit' they had open was a white room with what I could only describe as a large wooden shed in it...hardly art in my eyes. It wasn't a wasted journey though, I got this lovely photo of Jake by the iconic Tyne Bridge! :P

We rounded off the day splitting a pizza at Pizza Hut followed by warm chocolate cookie dough with ice cream and a bus journey back to Blyth!
Always a lovely day out when I'm with my man <3

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  1. another good blogg darl some good pics and i think i might give the Hancock museum a vist :)