Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Charity Spolight V.1

There are so many smaller, not as well known, charities and projects that do amazing work. I'd like to bring some of them to your attention :)

Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels!

Based in Berwick Upon Tweed, I chose Berwick Animal Rescue Kennels, more commonly known as B.A.R.K to be my first project to highlight as I myself have had a personal experience with them.

Like the animal fan I am, I was a common visitor to their website to adore all the beautiful animals awaiting rehoming. I wished that I was in a position to take in a dog and always looked out for the border collies but knew I could only provide a loving home to a tiny pet.
At the time I was the proud owner of 3 hamsters, having just lost one to very, very old age. This meant I had a spare space for a new friend. It wasn't common that B.A.R.K had anything smaller than rabbits but it was worth a look on the small animal section of the website.

There I spotted Dusty!
Her story was so sad and amazing, I made the phone call straight away and pending a visit and her upcoming photo shoot with the local paper..she was mine!

[To read her full story, which is worth it, please click here.]

Many people don't understand the big fuss over tiny pets, but to me my hamsters were just as important as a dog and I spoiled them rotten with attention and toys. This made Dusty's story hit me very hard.
The awesomely kind man didn't have to do what he did, but he did and thanks to the love, loyalty and care of him and the many others at the kennels this gorgeous little creature got a second chance at a small but fabulous life.

This is my small story of the project. There are so many more. They have been giving rescue to a range of unwanted, lost or abandoned animals for many years and survive through donations to their registered charity as wells as fundraising events they hold. Read more on the history of how the kennels came to be, here, it's a brilliant read!

Please make sure to visit their website, donate if you can or if you live near the area, maybe you can give a home to someone that needs one. :)

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  1. BRILL,BRILL,BRILL such a great charity they do a fantastic job :) and Dusty is still doing well and he likes his treats :)