Saturday, 28 July 2012

It's My Life - 21st Birthday Celebrations...A Year Late!

If you know me or have read much of this blog, you'll know I'm not normal.
No, I defiantly have something wrong with me mentally because for my 21st birthday I didn't want to have a party or go out - instead I decided I wanted to jump out of an aeroplane.

Today is the day I can cross the number one thing off my bucket list !
Originally scheduled for the 28th of August 2011, I have now traveled to the airfield at Shotton Colliery, Peterlee 5 times and been disappointed 4 of those visits when high winds have cancelled my attempt.

Look! It's me! In the sky!
I paid a little extra to make sure I could remember the day forever and got a filmer but I wont have the video for a week or two yet.
Until then enjoy these photos of me in my ever so fashionable attire....
[From top left, clockwise] - Getting my embarrassing pre-jump interview. Walking to our fate. The two other tandem jumpers and I way up high! (I'm the blue parachute, lowest). And smiling that I've safely landed and headed to take my uncomfortable get up off!

When people have asked I have had no words to describe the jump. It was surreal, dreamlike. I felt super nervous before heading to the plane and hated the turns it made but surprisingly felt really calm as the actually jump approached. My instructor and all the solo divers that were in plane were excellent in keeping it fun and chilled out.
The actual fall from the plane and free fall was defiantly the best bit of it all. After just watching the movie 'Chronical' the night before I was just thinking of that and concentrating waving at the camera!
Then the parachute opened and sent my stomach doing loops making me feel really queasy but I was determined to at least try a few spins although it unfortunately wasn't for me. The views were astounding, I could see from Durham city to South Shields and enjoyed spotting all the cows and horses until we were low enough that I could wave to Jake on the ground. (Who was brilliant all day at keeping me calm and giving me hugs, thank you Jake.)

After a safe landing and another quick interview with the camera I got a big hug of my instructor who was absolutely awesome, so supportive and reassuring all the way through. Thank you very much Kev!

A big thank you also goes to my Mam and Dad for their constant love and support and without my Dad organizing and paying for the whole thing it would not of happened.

And thank you to all of you who sent good luck wishes and have been sweet enough to sponsor me too.
If anyone else would like to give a pound or two I appreciate every little penny. You can donate to my fund at my Just Giving page for Monkey World in Dorset.

Watch this space for the actual video of my dive in the coming weeks!

[Edit, here it is!]


  1. im very proud of you love dad xxx

  2. Well done darl you are amazing i know me or dad could never ever do anything like that well done i'm sooooooooo proud of you love you mam xxxx

  3. well done darl you are amazing ( and very brave) we could never do anything like that love you loads xxxx mam

  4. Ah, this is such a cool thing to do for your 21st - you'll definitely never forget that birthday now!