Tuesday, 31 July 2012

My Soundtrack V.2

Kanye West - All Falls Down 

I've been loving the whole of Kanye West's first album 'The College Dropout' album recently. 
My new car has a CD player rather than a MP3 connection so I grabbed a couple of my older CDs to leave in the glove compartment and this was amoungst them. 

I'm enjoying the more soul-ish chilled out hip hop right now, especially for driving, I think it goes well with the sunny weather we've been having lately too! I also have his second album 'Late Registration' in the car and although I'm still a Kanye fan I defiantly prefer his earlier stuff. 
I can't believe the song is 7 years old, I swear I can remember it coming out and watching this video on MTV...
A more recent song of his that I was obsessed with a few months ago is - 
Tune! I had it as my ringtone and would play it over and over in the car, most often while driving at night.

Anyways, that's it for today, make sure to check back on Thursday for my latest photography shoot results! 

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