Saturday, 7 July 2012

My Top 5 – Television Series'

Probably the most well know of my choices and defiantly always number 1 on my list, Lost is not only an epic programme but now a huge cult classic. I didn’t watch the first series when it originally aired over here, in fact I had no interest when I saw advertisements on TV and in magazines. It wasn’t until a couple months before the final series was due to air that I caved into peer pressure and was sucked into the mind warp!  Straight away my favorite characters were Charlie Pace (as I was already a fan of the actor Dominic Monaghan from my love of Lord Of The Rings), Shannon (I just identified with her completely - especially our first view of her screaming outside the wreck) and Hurley (no explanation needed!).  I could talk about Lost all day, but rather than that if you haven’t watched the full 6 series I urge you to. So many people I speak to have seen only one or two series and stray away. Stick with it! The journey it takes you on is well worth it…

Flashforward is the most recent addition to our collection.  It came to our attention while I made Jake watch Lost for his first time and it came up on the commercials at the start of the DVD. The main plot is simply that on October 6th 2010 at the same moment around  the world , everyone blacked out for 2minutes and 17 seconds. During that time most people had a ‘Flashforward’ discovered to be a premonition of their own lives around 6 months later on April 29th 2011.  The 22 existing episodes show the period building up to ‘D-day’ and the FBI’s investigation into what actually caused this global disaster. 
Although there are no actual connections with Lost either via writers or producers and directors there and many similarities in the story lines as well as actors cast. (After researching online I have found this brilliant article laying out the similarities)  My heart defiantly skipped a beat when I read that It is based on the 1999 novel Flashforward by Canadian science fiction writer Robert J. Sawyer. Sawyer?! Too much of a coincidence link to Lost!
Anyways, all I can say is: I have no idea why the ratings dropped and I wish it hadn’t been axed after only 2 series.

Jake and I are still watching the second series of this which is currently showing on channel 5 in the UK. I'm not a big fan of gore and will sit with my head behind a pillow if there are 'yucky' scenes in a movie - but I love zombies! It is so much more than just a zombie show though and for just a TV show the CGI and special effects are on par with the big Hollywood flicks. Cant wait for series 3! 

As you are aware that I’m a fan of Lord Of The Rings and obviously Disney, you’ll of gathered I adore all things fantastical. With the medieval type setting and constantly surprising turns to the story line Game of Thrones was right up my street from the get go. I watched the first episode premier over here last year and were now done with season 2 but I have banned myself from watching that until I complete the reading of book one in the 'A Song Of Ice and Fire' series. With a tag line like 'In the Game of Thrones, you win or you die.' how can't you be interested?! 

If you can count, you'll of noticed there are only 4 picks. But alas I have high viewing standards and I'm waiting for another EPIC show to come to me. Be sure to recommend some and let me know your top 5 in the comments! 

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