Thursday, 26 July 2012

Opinions Of A Housewife – Being ‘Straight Edge’.

I really hate that saying, ‘straight edge’, but that’s what people know it as.

As an almost 22 year old girl a lot of people find it weird that I neither drink alcohol nor do I smoke or take drugs (either recreational or medical). I have been completely clean from any type of foreign substances for 9 months although before that it was almost 3 years.
I’ll start at the beginning. When I was 15/16 I worked a Saturday job where my parents would come and meet afterwards to spend the afternoon together. We’d go to the hotel bar up the road from the shop I worked at and I’d be allowed to have an alcho-pop or two. That moved on to me going out in town with my group of friends and having drinks at family bbq’s etc.  
At around age 18/19 when friends drifted apart, I lost one of my best friends to cancer :( and I had been away from home for college, came my first break in socializing and I didn’t feel the need to drink or go out. I worked a lot and spent the rest of my time at home watching UFC’s and stuff.
Then in July of last year personal circumstances changed. I moved away from my home town and got in touch with old friends as well as meeting new ones. I started to go out to the clubs again and going to house parties, socializing. At the time I guess I was having a lot of fun that I had missed out on the previous couple years but the whole lifestyle wasn’t for me really. Once Jake and I were safely moved into our little flat we decided together that we would give up drinking once and for all. 

I have always known my limits and never was the type to be falling about and being sick in public, its not fun or ladylike and I cant imagine how anyone could find it attractive to see a girl (or a guy for that matter) stumbling about with no control over their bodily functions.
I'm not playing completely innocent though, if I am being honest, yes I have thrown up due to alcohol but I can count the times on one hand and it is a contributing factor to my current lifestyle. If the body is rejecting you drinking such things then why poison yourself by continuing to do so?

In truth it doesn't effect our life whatsoever by cutting out these activities, on the contrary - it saves money and we are healthier for it. This applies especially of late as I am planning on heading back into training very soon! I'll let you know how that goes... Anyway, people may think I'm just a party pooper, but I assure you we still know how to have fun! :) As for not smoking - that's obvious, but for the not taking any kind of medical drugs (i.e Paracetamol) to begin with simply that I could not swallow them, now reading all the ingredients and addictive substances that are made into these tiny tablets I would rather just put up with a bit of pain than subject my body to unnecessary chemicals. Maybe my views on that will change in the future if I was to develop a serious health issue, but for now I like to keep my system clean. 


  1. As per another interesting blogg darl i'm glad you are like you are dad and me are SO PROUD of you and NEVER forget that and the people that matter will accept you for what you are NEVER lose sleep over people who don't bloody matter.:)

  2. I think it`s great what you have chosen to do, I have had my share of late night drinking and partys when I was in my early 19-20`s and then in my 30`s more so. I got married at 31 and my hubbie and i dont really drink any longer, too many sleep deprived nights, etc. Now being in my early 40`s i have had the occasional drink, but dont like the feeling it give me. I have a much better time, being sober and just having fun. Most of us drink to losen up, now im not worried about what others think who dont know me well.

    You should be proud of yourself, it takes a strong person to take a stand and make a choice not to do what everyone else might want you too.

    We are who we choose to be...(from the iron giant) Still a big kid at