Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Out and About - Kirkey Hall Zoological Gardens

I've had a busy weekend! Thanks to my Nana first off for giving me my freedom back by signing over my late Granda's car over to me. Overwhelmed by her generosity, love her lots :)
I'm going to write about the last couple of days in two posts, so here is part one!

After an eventful train journey to Berwick to pick up my new car, I drove back down home with my parents who had previously planned to visit this weekend. Sunday the 8th was originally meant to be the Cancer Research 'Race for Life' in Newcastle that Mam and I were signed up for, but due to certain weather issues (see this post) it has been postponed.
Therefore, we had a free day and decided to head down to Kirkley Hall, as last year they opened a new zoological garden and I was dying to take a trip to see.

I had a fabulous time, so many beautiful different species that I got to take lots of photos of and it thankfully stayed dry!
Here are just a few of the hundreds I snapped! (Remember to click to view them larger.)

I want to enter their monthly photographic competition but haven't a clue which 3 to send in... what do you think?

Anyways, I highly recommend Kirkley Hall Zoo for any other animal/photography fans and there are lots of goings on for anyone with kids. I'll defiantly be going back with Jake at some point :)

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  1. Loved my vist here some fab species and funny ones too :)my favs Chipmunk eating,Chameleon,Tortoise,Mum and baby Lemurs,peek a boo baby Lemur ahhhhh :) and the mouse/ gerbal in nest? far too many to choose :) look foward to next blog xx