Thursday, 12 July 2012

Out and About - Lost World Adventure Golf.

Part two of last weekends goings on! Monday, Jake and I had the day to ourselves and with a car in the family again we thought we'd have a day out as it'd been a while since we'd gone somewhere properly together.
Obviously with not being very well off right now we didn't want to pay to much to go in somewhere and alot of the places we were interested in online, museums, stately homes and stuff were a little too pricey. So instead we just headed out for a good old drive along the coast through Whitley Bay and Tynemouth where we used to visit alot when we first got together.
There we spotted the 'Lost World Adventure Golf'!
Now first off were talking about mini golf, we love anything silly and fun. Then secondly a name like that and an awesome looking dinosaur infested garden meant we had to go in.
It was only £4.50 each for 18 holes which was all we really wanted to pay for our day out. It gave us just over an hours entertainment, laughing at my poor golfing (I used to be good when I was younger, I swear) and dodging the sprayings from the Dinos at certain holes, which we thoroughly enjoyed.
Overall I give the park top marks, the only thing that could of made it better is if we had actually had some summer weather instead of the fine rain that soaks you through... :P

Click the photos to see them bigger! We captured some funny moments :D

Afterwards, on the drive home, we stopped off in Whitley Bay to spends our last few pennies at the Amusements. Although I worked in an Arcade for 2 and a bit seasons I'm not great with the big money machines in the over 21 section so we stuck to the 2p pushers! Haha, we did win a five pound note though :) Successful day, lots of fun and came home with some money to put on the electric meter, yey!

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  1. Sounds like you had a good day you need to do things like this now and again just to get out of the flat :) xx