Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Out and About - Whitehouse Farm.

I'm not a fan of people cancelling or changing plans, I like to be organized and know whats going on, but I suppose there was nothing that could be done when Jessie J came down with a viral infection and rescheduled her gig last Saturday night at Alnwick Castle. 

[Yeah, my second event this summer to be moved to a different date!]
Seeing as my Mam had train tickets booked she still came to visit and we had to think of something else to do. The lovely sunshine made our choice of destination alot easier. Jake, Mam and I took a drive up to Whitehouse farm, a 40 acre farm centre near Morpeth, Northumberland with a variety of cute critters to coo at and photograph. 

It being a late spring and summer this year meant lots of babies. Lambs, goats, piglets, rabbits, chicks and even a fawn. How cute are they?! I got way over excited when we spotted the bunnies huddled together in one of the large rabbit runs. 

The excitement didn't stop there when Jake got the chance to hold a bearded dragon, a python and a fat tailed gecko who actually shared his name :) I wish I'd had the guts to hold them too, I did touch them all though, they didn't feel like I expected. It was lots of fun and was a brilliant photo opportunity but we made our exit when they brought the tarantula out! (I'm petrified of spiders.)

From there we headed back outside and spent some time with the meercats. They are so funny! We watched them digging and foraging and standing guard, they even had a lay down in the sun and climbed up by the glass to be petted by us. I was a bit gutted that we missed out on seeing their talk and feed, that would of been quite cool and I love to learn a new fact or two!

We missed out on the falconry display too, boo! All the birds were sitting on their perches looking pretty and   posed for photos which we took advantage of. I think the talks and displays are awesome at animal parks and the like.

This was my second visit to Whitehouse farm, I visited years ago with family friends and it seems to of expanded its range of species. It's a brilliant day out too, not just for people with kids although if you do there are lots of play areas to keep them entertained and you can buy bags of animal food so they can feed the animals. Here are a few more random photos, enjoy :)

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  1. Lots of fab pics darl it was a really good day next time we go somewhere we will have to take dad he would have enjoyed it aswell :) xx