Saturday, 21 July 2012

What's Going On? - 2012 Olympic Games.

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(Very fittingly) At 20.12 GMT the Olympic Flame entered the last leg of its tour of the country when it landed in London yesterday (20/07/2012).

For those who don't own a tv or watch/read any news source, this year the Olympics are being held in the UK! Pretty cool eh? Lots of fun, lots of patriotism!

Yeah and did you know its costing an already struggling economy £9.3 BILLION!!

Okay, I don't want to be Miss party pooper but I think being chosen as the host country is more of a hindrance to us than anything else. There are the obvious benefits such as an increase in tourism boosting our revenue and new develops being built in urban areas, which will overall be lasting improvements. There has been alot of promotion to try and encourage children to take up more sporting activities too (also good if parents can tare them away from their Xbox's and Nintendo DS's) but the likes of McDonalds being amongst those to host such events is a little counter productive, no?

But. What about the thousands of athletes that need housed, the congestion of traffic and risks of terrorism?
Especially with the latest muck up by G4S not supplying enough security. What a shambles! Leading to yet again more cost, with the army having to be drafted in to save the day.
The 'Torch Relay Tour' is one of many things I'm sure we could of done without, a huge unnecessary cost of large groups of vehicles travelling the width and breadth of the country and an individual torch for each participant! Money is the most prominent downside of these games. Just weeks ago three children's heart surgery centres across the uk were closed. I'm sure that that 9.3 billion pounds could of done alot of good to the public sector.

Personally, I won't be watching the games. Mainly as the two sports I would actually be interested in watching, Judo and Wrestling, will more than likely not be shown on any of the main broadcasting.
I do hope the Brits do well though and that things are successful after they ended up spending over 3 times the planned budget.

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