Thursday, 9 August 2012

I'm A Collector - Special Editors Edition!

Name and Website - Danielle from Right Here! :D

What do you collect?
Anything and everything to do with the Disney brand. Clothing, soft toys, films, ornaments and all sorts of miscellaneous items.
When and why did you collection begin?
As far back as I can remember I have always had Disney stuff. My first soft toy was Simba, from the Lion King which I received as a gift for my 2nd birthday. All the VHS films my parents collected for me are still in my childhood room a their house.
Consciously, I guess my proper collection started about 3 years ago, around 2009.
Are you still collecting?
Yes! Always. There is such a range of Disney merchandise out there, if I were ever to win the lottery I'd defiantly have a full Disney house!
Do you have a favorite or special item in your collection?
I still have the Simba soft toy I spoke of, he lives on my bed. I also really love my limited edition Steam Boat Willy Mickey soft toy that I got during my last trip to Disneyland Paris in 2010 and my old style Minnie and Mickey I got at the London Disney store.

If you collect anything, anything at all and would like to be featured please email me at with a few photographs of your collection and your answers to the above questions. 


  1. Hope you get some response from people about your colections its nice to read as always and you might get some interesting colections

  2. Hello Danielle, Im Francisco from Chile. Listen, i have some 'vintage' Disney things for sale u might be interested. Contact me to send you pictures ( Regards!