Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Out and About - Jessie J at Alnwick Castle

If you are Northerner you're probably aware that there was a beautiful celebrity lady in Alnwick on Saturday night.

Yes I was one of the 10,000+ mad people to of stood in the cold, wet rain and mud for 5 hours to see Jessie J live at Alnwick Castle.
I do feel very sorry for anyone stood within earshot of me at the gig because I did complain alot! Don't think I am cut out for the festival scene at all. haha.
At least my Mam and I had donned our wellies for the event, unlike some other more optimistic people who ended up with ruined shoes, and I very much enjoyed jumping and splodging about in the muddy puddles like a child to pass the waiting time.

Once the gates opened after 5pm we made our way to the front of the stage and began our wait. There was alot of speculation to who would be the support acts but none of the rumors were true and we hadn't heard of either of the warm up acts when they came on.
The first was A.M.E, a 17 year old singer/songwriter brought to us all by Gary Barlow who surpassed my expectations. The songs were catchy, she had brilliant stage presence and an awesome voice. I really enjoyed her set. It was great to see her come and interact with the fans as soon as she came off stage too, handing out wristbands, postcards and signing autographs.
Next up was Jay James Picton, not at all my cup of tea but another great vocalist all the same. However, I do think that Jay James should of been up first as A.M.E's set was alot more lively to pump up the crowd for Jessie J.

Just after 9pm the stunner herself arrived on stage!
She thanked everyone for tolerating the horrid weather and made an apology for the original date having to be cancelled due to illness, which was nice.
I'd of loved to of been able to take my camera and get some better photos but I didn't want to risk it with the weather. These are the few photos I managed to get with my phone before we headed out of the main crowd to watch from the sidelines. She is even more beautiful in real life and I loved her hair, which was different to her usual poker straight bob.
Despite all my moaning I did enjoy the evening with my mam, but I defiantly wont be going to any music festivals or outdoor concerts again!

Anyone that is interested in seeing more photos from the evening should check out this slideshow from the Northumberland Gazette , The Sunday Sun's gallery and Metro Radio's facebook album. I can't believe how many smiling faces were in the crowd, obviously experts at dealing with the rain!

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  1. Enjoyed the blogg a bit more than the actual day/night, i did enjoy Jessie J but was just sick of the waiting and mud and like you i'd rather go to an indoor concert but the best part for me was spending the day with you :) xx PS brilliant driving darl getting out that bloody muddy car park lol