Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Out and About - A Weekend Adventure!

So this weekend passed we took a drive up to see my parents and nana in Berwick Upon Tweed. On the Saturday Jake and I wanted to do some of our usual exploring and ended up at Conundrum Farm where we met and fed all of the animals along their farm trail, even the fish. I made sure that every single goat, sheep, donkey and horse got some food! :) Here are some of the photos from our day there.

We had lots of fun and it was lovely to go back to Conundrum after visiting years ago, it hasn't changed. It's a brill place for a stroll around the fields looking at all the animals, exactly what we love to do. Jake even bought me a super cute lamb soft toy from the gift shop to remember our trip!

Afterwards, we hopped back in the car and headed north to the dreaded territory of Scotland! Ooh! Only kidding. (Or am I?!) I took Jake to Eyemouth, where we shell hunted at the small beach and watched some seals getting fed at the harbor. Next on the schedule was a meet up with my 'adopted family' (very close family friends) to play some pool and have a yummy dinner with my Mam and Dad at Ord House Country Park back in Berwick.

Trying to make the most of our time, I donned some oh-so- not sexy but warm clothes, as we drove out to Goswick beach on Saturday night to get some photos of the sunset but ending up more amused by the abandoned tractors and old watch tower we found.
On our walk back to the car my other half spotted a little creature on the path! I don't think I've ever seen a little frog like him in the wild before. We took a couple of snaps and let him hop away into the grass.

Onto the last, though most enjoyable part of our time away. A last minute run out to Seahouses with my Mam and Dad on the Sunday before we had our much appreciated Sunday dinner and headed home to Blyth. Thank you very much to Dad and Mam for the whole weekend and for treating us to a boat trip out to the Farne Islands as an early 1st anniversary gift. 

The sea was a bit choppy but other than that it was fantastic! We saw sooo many seals and birds, although the puffins are away at this time of the season and we even got to go into the Lighthouse of the famous Grace Darling. [If you're unaware of her story, read it here.] It was a very cool opportunity and we learned lots. Look at the boat we passed on the way back into the mainland too (bottom right photo above), just for the Lost fans! haha.
[Remember to click on the photographs to see them bigger!]


  1. Great to see all of your pics and read about your weekend here at sunny Berwick nice to have you love xx

  2. Really cool pictures, thanks for sharing. Stopping by through Bloggers and was curious to see your blog, I like it! I've enjoyed reading about your day. Have a fantastic week ahead :-)