Thursday, 16 August 2012

What's Going On? - Well Done Team GB!

So after my pre-Olympics post and my rant about boycotting the games due to what they were costing the country, I ended up watching nothing but the Olympics! 
Partly because there was practically nothing else being broadcast on tv and partly because my other half became brainwashed and addicted to all of it. 

I will admit that I did get really into the spirit of things, following the goings on on tv and on twitter, even shedding many tears at the accomplishments of our country. 
Overall the games were a big success, our very own Team GB coming 3rd in the overall medals table with 65 medals in total, (29 of those GOLD, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze) their best result since 1908! 

It was awesome to cheer for our country and I'm ecstatic that we won Gold in the Women's Judo, Boxing and Taekwondo! Well done to all the lady fighters :) 

BUT did you know that more than a third of Team GB's medal winners were not born in Britain or have foreign parentage? 
- Mohammed Farah - Won Gold in the 5,000m and 10,000m , was born in Somalia. 
- Anthony Ogogo - Won Bronze in Boxing, born to Nigerian Father.
Laura Bechtolsheimer, Won Gold and Bronze in Dressage, was born in Germany. 
And that's just to name a couple. Nigerian links can be made to at least 16 athletes who won a medal at London 2012 and other nationalities include Australian, Polish, Jamaican and Irish - kind of dents the British pride... 

I won't touch much more on the downsides, especially the cost, but I'd like to include this diagram I found breaking down the money spent.

Pretty unbelievable figures! I'm glad they went to good use though and things went smoothly. Well done to all of the people involved in making the London 2012 Olympic Games a success! 

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  1. NO matter i'm still BLOODY proud of all the team GB for their achievments and EVERY single person who made it to the olympic games from all over the world which even if some countries did not get any medals WELL DONE for making it to London 2012,you should all be proud of yourselfs :):) x