Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Top 5 - Girl Crushes

Here is a list of my top five celebrity women that inspire me.

I first fell in love with Megan when watching Transformers. Probably like most men. Then I spotted she has been in a couple of the movies I'd watched when I was young such as, Holiday in the Sun with the Olsen twins. I don't really know what first drew me to her, she just has something about her that lures you in, an amazingly sexy yet ladylike demeanor ..its quite creepy now I think about it. haha But yeah, she is beautiful, is great in 'Jennifer's Body' and I like how private she keeps her home life - proving it is possible.

Now a mammy, its seems a long time since I first started listening to Pink's music. 11 years later, after her Missundaztood album was released I am still a fan of her music but more so the work she does for animal rights. Campaigner for PETA and writing letters to the British Royal family about fox hunting and the use of animal fur, she is also involved with 9 or so other charities. Her tattoos are pretty dope too. 

It should be completely obvious why 'Wor Chezza' is on this list. Not only is she the most stunning looking lady on the earth, she is also from the same street as some of my family! I know alot of people up here don't actually like her, but it must be complete jealousy as personally I look up to someone who has gone so far and done so well with her life and came from Newcastle. Geordie pride <3

Maybe a little controversial to have on a list of inspirational people but look at Ms Marsh as of late! What an extraordinary athlete she has turned into. I have forgotten any outrageous behavior from the beauty's past and am astounded by how well she has done and is doing in the body building world. I 100% back all of her work against bullying too, after the bad times I had/get.

Jenna is the most recent addition to this list as I only discovered her a few months back. For those who don't know, Jenna is a YouTube sensation and absolutely hilarious. I love her to the point, completely real, doesn't give a sh*t attitude and relate to her relationship with her pets, Mr Marbles and Kermit. She too is gorgeous and even rocks being dressed as a dude. 

Thursday, 27 September 2012

My Soundtrack V.3


For a couple day's last week I annoyed Jake (and myself) by my sudden uncontrolled outbursts of that exclamation. The 'Rich Forever' cd is always a favorite, in the car especially, but my favorite track rotates. Currently its this. 

[Sorry Mam]

Tuesday, 25 September 2012

I Wish, List V.5

[Top Left, Clockwise then middle]
DC Quilted Jacket - I would like a new winter jacket to wear under my gillet for autumn,

Bird Coat Rack - I've been looking for a coat rack as our coats look messy hanging on the banister, this one is totally me :)

Minnie Mouse Nike Dunks - Need. That is all.

Skull Money Bank - To encourage me to save...

Wooden Storage Trunk - To use as a blanket box at the bottom of our bed.

Wooden Photo Frame - We saw one just like this while at Kielder but couldn't afford it! This one is a bit too small and from the if anyone can find a one bigger that 7x5 from the UK please send me the link!

Cosy Picnic Blanket  - So we can huddle up warm on our bird watching trips, now that the weather is getting cooler.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

J.D Photography - Grace x2

Another four months have passed and I have recently been to complete the penultimate shoot of little Grace's first year. Look HERE for her 4month shoot and how much she has changed! 
I'm alot happier with the outcome this time, although I'm never 100% pleased with my photos. Her Mammy and Daddy love them, which is all that matters! :) 

While I was in the area I wanted to make an effort to pop out and see a dear friend I hadn't caught up with in a long time! I had lots of fun with Gill and Grace, it's always such a laugh when I meet up with them. Of course I had to take my camera along and get some more up to date photos seeing as I hadn't had the chance to take any since I did her birth shots! 

Look at her! She's a proper little person now. And so clever and funny. I really did enjoy my day at the park and am completely chuffed that Gill is also pleased with the outcome of our impromptu little shoot.

Stay tuned for more...I have a very special wedding coming up that you may be lucky to sneek a peak at...

Until then head over to my facebook photography page! There are lots more photos over there to have a nosey at and if you'd like to support me then give the 'like' button a click ;) Please and Thank you!

Thursday, 20 September 2012

Share the Love V.3

Lately I've been an avid reader of the following -

Donna, formally of the blog 'Deer Donna', has teamed up with her husband-to-be in this new blog venture, Goat + Wolf.  I love the name they chose and the reasons why.
I always look forward to see what creative things shes been up to and especially posts about their kitty, Sailor Jerry!

I enjoy everything Kaylah, over at Little Chief Honeybee, posts - but the photography shines out. From outfit posts to coverage of her and her partners trips and adventures. Not to mention shes absolutely gorgeous, I envy her heavily day!

The Dainty Squid , has got to be my most favorite blog! With her hobbies being listed as photography, hiking, nature hunts and more and there always being plenty cute animal photos in the mix, whats not to like. 

Here comes the self plug! haha
Jake and I's new venture. No Eyed Deer is where we plan to share our birding and nature photography. There seems to be a big birding blog community, so hopefully keeping all our stuff separate from our main blogs we may be accepted into the community. We do post different photos to those of which that are shared here though, so defiantly be sure to check it out and follow if your a photography and/or nature and wildlife fan! 

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Out And About - Leaplish Lodging.

Yeah so I am now officially a bird watcher.

As if my Dad hadn't treated Jake and I enough recently, he took us along with him and Mam to stay in a wooden lodge at Leaplish Waterside Park in Kielder. (Thank you Mam and dad) It was lush. Just like our trip to Scarborough, we were really lucky to get some lovely weather - well for September.

Above is the bird watching hut that we spent a large amount of our time in.

As well as seeing wild rabbits, a vast range of birds (including Woodpecker, Blue tit, Coal tit, Willow tit, Sparrow, Whinchat, Redstart and more) we were lucky enough to see many red squirrels!
Just now we only have 18-55mm lens so had to do the best we could but I think we got some pretty shots.

We were there from the Saturday until the Tuesday and on the Sunday decided we'd go on a trek along to the dam. However we wrongly estimated how long the walk actually was (about 8miles) and had to turn back after around 5 miles when our juice ran out and the mildness started to take the enjoyment out of it.
Along the way we say some strange carved artworks that we photographed and some other very lovely views.

Jake's fantastic photography!

Then on the Monday the most exciting thing happened. We headed along to the Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre, expecting to get lots of cool photos and see some, well, birds. We did not expect that we would get to have such amazing encounters as we did....

Had I not been so anxious to get home to the rabbits (thanks uncle Sean for looking after them!) I would of never left. I'd love to live somewhere just like Kielder, surrounded by wildlife and silence.

Last but not least is another little edit by the brilliant Jake :)

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cuteness Overload V.3

This months cuteness overload subjects should be familiar to you. 
Jake and I's baby's <3
Here's some more recent photos of our fantastic house rabbits, Bunny and Nike! 
There is no lack of cute moments in our household when even naughty rabbits can't help but make you feel guilty for telling them off!

They are currently in a competition to be crowned 'Cutest bunny' together, whoever has the most votes at the end of September wins a big bag of food which they would very much appreciate! 
If you can spare a minute of your time pretty please click HERE and 'like' their photo, it's as simple as that :D 

Little Miss Nike Beacham is now almost 8 months old and is becoming more of a madam by the day. She has a bad habit of licking the floor, (which I guess is better than chewing wires and stuff like Bunny) and she is very loving, 'grooming' Jake and I by licking our arms and such.  I still find that she looks tiny right now especially in comparison to her boyfriend.  Growing in confidence she now prefers to run around exploring by herself than sit with us and leaps off the sofas with giant jumps. Nike is a very good girl who responds to her name, is easy to handle to get back into her cage and can use her litter tray, saving me from cleaning up as much!

Bunny Eskdale is getting to be a very big boy now. He is a full year older than Nike and unfortunately has just been neutered. I say unfortunately as he wasn't a happy bunny about having to go to the vets and made me feel horrible! I worried all day, but my little star was great and is recovering well... defiantly enjoying the extra treats. At least now him and his little pal should get on better as were hoping this will have calmed him down (they were starting to have tiny disagreements and it wasn't unusual to find Nike with a mustache of fluff from Bunny's bottom). He also comes running when you call his name but can been a sneeky little beggar if you don't watch him carefully. His favorite places are always anywhere there are wires and cables - he's already chewed my phone charger in half! 

We keep an eye on both our babies when they're out and about and are always researching and finding out more about keeping rabbits so we can give them the best life they deserve. 
Both of them have separate cages to sleep and eat in and they stay in our spare room, also dubbed 'the Rabbit room' where there are lots of toys, things to chew and hide in and even a little cardboard house that Jake made them! (See very top right photo, haha)

Now if you didn't find those pictures cute, I dunno what you will!

Thursday, 13 September 2012

I'm A Collector V.1

Name and Website - Samantha Robson of Sammy Star Photography

What is it you collect? 
I collect Gig Tickets, and clothing tags.

Why and when did your collection first begin?
My gig ticket collection started after my first gig about 8 years ago, I started collecting them for the memories, every time i look at them I remember each night.
My clothes tags collection started when I was in school so again about 8 years ago, I was given a top as a gift and I really liked the tag on it so decided to keep it, and it just went on from there.

Are you still currently collecting?
Yes I still currently collect both.

Do you have a favorite or special item in your collection?
My special item in my gig ticket collection is the handful of tickets I have signed from the night.
I don't have any particular favorite from the clothing tags.

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Opinions Of A Housewife - The Truth Behind 9/11?

September the 11th 2001 saw a mass devastation occur in New York City that will never be forgotten.  2,996 lost their lives and more than 6,000 were left injured.  On the 11th Anniversary of the horrible events, I wish that all those innocents effected rest in peace.

We are told that four passenger jet airliners were hijacked by ‘terrorists’ and one flown into each of the twin towers causing them to collapse. (The others, one into the Pentagon building in Virginia and the last crashed into a field, steered off course by passengers who attempted to gain control of the plane.)
We are told that those ‘terrorists’ were associated with the al-Qaeda organization, led by Osama Bin Laden. Apparently, after first denying involvement in 2001, Osama Bin Laden later claimed responsibility for the attacks in 2004.

What we are not told is that these are lies.

Vast amounts of inconsistency’s point to the fact that the actual perpetrators are, in my opinion, in fact the U.S Government.  The main evidence of this is the fact that the towers collapse had nothing to do with the aeroplanes impact, but they were part of a controlled demolition.  If you think not then watch this video… 


There are also some more radical claims, such as there were no planes involved at all and the planes were digitally added to footage after the event, or the equally eccentric suspicion that the planes were actually missiles surrounded by holograms to disguise them as planes…these are a bit over the top if you ask me. I think that the planes did hit, but were merely a diversion or excuse to cover up the planned demolition.

Now you would think this ridiculous purely as you don’t attack ‘your own’ but there are possible reasons why the government would commit this sacrifice. Motives range from creating an excuse to attack Iraq, Afghanistan and Iran to that of the ‘New World Order’ conspiracy – all of which, to me, seem viable.

Obviously 9/11 can’t just be a one off. The general public are lied to on a daily basis by the big men, covering things up and disguising malicious intent with ‘accidents’ and countless stories to get what they want, to take over an run the world as their globalist government.
Believe what you want though. Keep your eyes blind to the direction in which our world is turning. Or take a second look at all the global incidents and stand up for those families who have lost loved ones. We need to stand together and not let this keep happening. 

There are many website where you can read further into the 'conspiracy's' surrounding 9/11, check out -
Illuminati News
The Forbidden Knowledge

Another very interesting thing to look into is that of the 'Folding Money Illusions' where folding a $20 a certain way results in the pictures showing the Twin Towers ablaze on one side and the Pentagon ablaze on the other. Sick coincidence or purpose made sign?

Saturday, 8 September 2012

Out and About - Sun and Sea on an Anniversary.

Following my quick post on the 4th,  for our very first anniversary we thought it'd be nice to escape the day to day and have a night away.
The obvious destination was Scarborough as we both love it and have a nice past with the town.

Thank you very much to my Jakey for taking me away and to my Dad for treating us to our accommodation for the night (pictured above center). We were soo lucky that it was such beautiful weather both days we were there and I'm sure Jake was just glad it stayed dry for him to go have a skate with his friends on the Monday.

We drove down mid-morning and arrived at lunch time, I dropped Jake at the skatepark, went to check into our hotel and, after a failed attempt at a nap, went for a little walk down by the Scarborough Spa Complex. One of the main things I like about Scarborough is it's stereotypical old fashioned seaside town appearance. The whole seafront and bandstand area are lovely views from the woodland walks and its great that there are lots and lots of benches to rest on. I enjoyed listening to the Orchestra and even shared my bag of nuts with a squirrel :)

We met up in town a couple hours later and grabbed a bite to eat then headed back to the hotel to have a little rest before heading back out to the infamous arcades. I didn't win the Minnie Mouse toy, not happy, won't dwell. Haa! Anyways, above are some photos we took messing about with light, slow shutters and the like.
Sleep commenced as soon as we got back to the room, the early mornings had caught up on us.

In the morning, on the actual day of our Anniversary, we went for a last little walk through the woods then drove over to North Bay and visited Scarborough's Sealife Centre!

As you can see we took LOTS of photos. I had my D5000 and Jake was borrowing a friends GoPro hence the fish eye effect photos! It was a challenge with such low light conditions but it gave me a chance to sharpen my skills with different settings. We saw the seals have their breakfast, the penguins get their lunch and the otters get their tea. They were all so funny to watch! Especially the otters, which were Jake's favorite, as they played with stones and splashed about in the water.
I loved their lush loggerhead turtle Antiopi too. The poor thing has been left brain damaged after being hit by a boat propeller of the coast of the Greek island of Zante, but thankfully the Sealife Marine Sanctuary stepped in, saved her life and gave her a safe home. If you'd like to know more and find out how you can help protect our seas CLICK HERE

I couldn't get any good photographs of Antiopi but I did get some brilliant video footage of her and lots of the other residents at Scarborough Sealife. Jake edited up my footage and here is the result, I hope you enjoy it! 

And just one last photo of us from our official one year Anniversary. Thank you Jake for being my hero and turning my life around. I have never been so happy, I love you more. 

Thursday, 6 September 2012

What's Going On? - Race For Life!

Sunday the 2nd of September the pink army finally got to complete our 'Race For Life'. Originally scheduled to be held in July, I'm pleased the rain caused it to be postponed because on the day the Heavens sent us down some glorious sunshine!!

[Please click this image to play GIF]
Over 6,300 people took part in the Cancer Research 5k 'race' and a few dogs too! As far as the eyes could see there was a sea of pink and crazy outfits. 

This is only the second year that my Mam and I have entered, but hopefully there will be many more. We just have a nice walk around the course though, no running for us :P and never fail to shed a tear or choke up plenty of times reading all the dedications, it's such an emotional but amazing experience. Well done to everyone that took part all over the country raising alot of money and awareness for the cause.

Although I didn't wear a note on my back, I dedicate my 'race' to a very dear and sorely missed friend who lost her battle 2 years ago. Hopefully one day we will discover a cure so no one loses there loved ones too soon to the terrible disease.

[Please click this image to play GIF]

To see more photos from the day, check out The Chronicle !