Saturday, 15 September 2012

Cuteness Overload V.3

This months cuteness overload subjects should be familiar to you. 
Jake and I's baby's <3
Here's some more recent photos of our fantastic house rabbits, Bunny and Nike! 
There is no lack of cute moments in our household when even naughty rabbits can't help but make you feel guilty for telling them off!

They are currently in a competition to be crowned 'Cutest bunny' together, whoever has the most votes at the end of September wins a big bag of food which they would very much appreciate! 
If you can spare a minute of your time pretty please click HERE and 'like' their photo, it's as simple as that :D 

Little Miss Nike Beacham is now almost 8 months old and is becoming more of a madam by the day. She has a bad habit of licking the floor, (which I guess is better than chewing wires and stuff like Bunny) and she is very loving, 'grooming' Jake and I by licking our arms and such.  I still find that she looks tiny right now especially in comparison to her boyfriend.  Growing in confidence she now prefers to run around exploring by herself than sit with us and leaps off the sofas with giant jumps. Nike is a very good girl who responds to her name, is easy to handle to get back into her cage and can use her litter tray, saving me from cleaning up as much!

Bunny Eskdale is getting to be a very big boy now. He is a full year older than Nike and unfortunately has just been neutered. I say unfortunately as he wasn't a happy bunny about having to go to the vets and made me feel horrible! I worried all day, but my little star was great and is recovering well... defiantly enjoying the extra treats. At least now him and his little pal should get on better as were hoping this will have calmed him down (they were starting to have tiny disagreements and it wasn't unusual to find Nike with a mustache of fluff from Bunny's bottom). He also comes running when you call his name but can been a sneeky little beggar if you don't watch him carefully. His favorite places are always anywhere there are wires and cables - he's already chewed my phone charger in half! 

We keep an eye on both our babies when they're out and about and are always researching and finding out more about keeping rabbits so we can give them the best life they deserve. 
Both of them have separate cages to sleep and eat in and they stay in our spare room, also dubbed 'the Rabbit room' where there are lots of toys, things to chew and hide in and even a little cardboard house that Jake made them! (See very top right photo, haha)

Now if you didn't find those pictures cute, I dunno what you will!


  1. oh my god so many bunny photos! love!!!

    my sister loves bunnies too! :D


  2. Really love all these photos and they are proper little characters with their own personality's,they are truly well cared for and loved but you've always loved your pets and this shows in all your photos not just of Bunny n' Nike but all your animal photography LOVE IT keep up the good work an well done for sharing your photos xxxx