Saturday, 1 September 2012

My Top 5 - Favorite Fighters

These 'My Top 5' lists are getting increasingly hard to write, I'm so indecisive in picking just 5 favorites of anything in particular.
Anyways, I've been an MMA fan for around 6-7 years now (as anyone that has read my blog for a while will know) and over that time have followed many different fighters. So this list has probably changed many times and will change many more...but for the purpose of this post I'll decide on these 5, in no particular order.

His nickname 'The Prodigy' sums him up well and his is a name that will always be on this list. What isn't there to like with BJ Penn?! He is a complete all round superbly talented fighter, being a a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu and equally as talented a striker with 7 of his 16 wins coming in the form of knock outs or TKO's. One of the fighters I have followed since I was first introduced to the sport, his personality is amazing too running his own online MMA news website he is very interactive with his fans as well as his family being a big involvement in his career too.
Here is me meeting BJ's mother at the 2010 UFC fan expo in London! :) 

A fighter that in the beginning I didn't particularly like, but after watching his famous 'Pride' fighting career and his hilarious personality on 'The Ultimate Fighter', Quinton Jackson won me over and I've been a supporter ever since. Much the fan favorite, more commonly know by his nickname 'Rampage', has had an outstanding mixed martial arts career with a record of 32-10 and is the first person to unify any of the UFC and Pride FC championship belts. Gone are the days of Pride but his KO power and amazing body slams will be remembered for years to come. 

Before 2011 I had only ever seen Vinny Magalhães fight during his time in the Ultimate Fighter, but when Jake and I went to the ADCC in Nottingham last year we knew he meant business...

What a champ! Even more mad to see in person, Vinny went on to win the 99kg+ division against another fighter I like alot, Fabricio Werdum. 

Whenever I hear the name 'Forrest Griffin' I automatically think of the greatest TUF finale of all time. In the epic battle with Stephan Bonnar, both fighters proved they were worthy of fighting with the biggest organization in the world and helped shape it to what it has become today. Forrest is all heart. I also love the fact he's beaten Tito Ortiz twice! haha 

My all time favorite fighter, admittedly originally due to his personality alone, is Kurt Pellegrino. He is the first name I started to follow when I began taking an interest in MMA and as a grappler, black belt in BJJ and holder of many wrestling achievements his is the style of fighting I enjoy most. 
I had the pleasure of meeting the man himself at the UFC UK Fan Expo in 2010 too! 

And if you need proof of his hilarity just visit his twitter and watch the video below...! 

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