Saturday, 29 September 2012

My Top 5 - Girl Crushes

Here is a list of my top five celebrity women that inspire me.

I first fell in love with Megan when watching Transformers. Probably like most men. Then I spotted she has been in a couple of the movies I'd watched when I was young such as, Holiday in the Sun with the Olsen twins. I don't really know what first drew me to her, she just has something about her that lures you in, an amazingly sexy yet ladylike demeanor ..its quite creepy now I think about it. haha But yeah, she is beautiful, is great in 'Jennifer's Body' and I like how private she keeps her home life - proving it is possible.

Now a mammy, its seems a long time since I first started listening to Pink's music. 11 years later, after her Missundaztood album was released I am still a fan of her music but more so the work she does for animal rights. Campaigner for PETA and writing letters to the British Royal family about fox hunting and the use of animal fur, she is also involved with 9 or so other charities. Her tattoos are pretty dope too. 

It should be completely obvious why 'Wor Chezza' is on this list. Not only is she the most stunning looking lady on the earth, she is also from the same street as some of my family! I know alot of people up here don't actually like her, but it must be complete jealousy as personally I look up to someone who has gone so far and done so well with her life and came from Newcastle. Geordie pride <3

Maybe a little controversial to have on a list of inspirational people but look at Ms Marsh as of late! What an extraordinary athlete she has turned into. I have forgotten any outrageous behavior from the beauty's past and am astounded by how well she has done and is doing in the body building world. I 100% back all of her work against bullying too, after the bad times I had/get.

Jenna is the most recent addition to this list as I only discovered her a few months back. For those who don't know, Jenna is a YouTube sensation and absolutely hilarious. I love her to the point, completely real, doesn't give a sh*t attitude and relate to her relationship with her pets, Mr Marbles and Kermit. She too is gorgeous and even rocks being dressed as a dude. 

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