Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Out And About - Leaplish Lodging.

Yeah so I am now officially a bird watcher.

As if my Dad hadn't treated Jake and I enough recently, he took us along with him and Mam to stay in a wooden lodge at Leaplish Waterside Park in Kielder. (Thank you Mam and dad) It was lush. Just like our trip to Scarborough, we were really lucky to get some lovely weather - well for September.

Above is the bird watching hut that we spent a large amount of our time in.

As well as seeing wild rabbits, a vast range of birds (including Woodpecker, Blue tit, Coal tit, Willow tit, Sparrow, Whinchat, Redstart and more) we were lucky enough to see many red squirrels!
Just now we only have 18-55mm lens so had to do the best we could but I think we got some pretty shots.

We were there from the Saturday until the Tuesday and on the Sunday decided we'd go on a trek along to the dam. However we wrongly estimated how long the walk actually was (about 8miles) and had to turn back after around 5 miles when our juice ran out and the mildness started to take the enjoyment out of it.
Along the way we say some strange carved artworks that we photographed and some other very lovely views.

Jake's fantastic photography!

Then on the Monday the most exciting thing happened. We headed along to the Kielder Water Birds of Prey Centre, expecting to get lots of cool photos and see some, well, birds. We did not expect that we would get to have such amazing encounters as we did....

Had I not been so anxious to get home to the rabbits (thanks uncle Sean for looking after them!) I would of never left. I'd love to live somewhere just like Kielder, surrounded by wildlife and silence.

Last but not least is another little edit by the brilliant Jake :)


  1. Really nice to read this blogg also nice to see all the photos + film we really did enjoy our trip here nice place an nice people :) love it darl xx

  2. looks like you had a fantastic time.....we are going there again (3rd time this year) on the 12th november....can not wait to spend time in the bird of prey centre with Ray and all the staff.....only hope we get to see the red squirrels too.....so jealous!!

    1. Thank you! Yes we had a lovely time. Can't wait to go back :)
      Hope you have a lovely time, I'm sure you will! And fingers crosses on seeing lots if red squirrel!

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love owls, you're so lucky to have held one. Birdwatching with the camera sure is fun, I used to do it a lot in high school but just haven't had much time for it lately.