Saturday, 8 September 2012

Out and About - Sun and Sea on an Anniversary.

Following my quick post on the 4th,  for our very first anniversary we thought it'd be nice to escape the day to day and have a night away.
The obvious destination was Scarborough as we both love it and have a nice past with the town.

Thank you very much to my Jakey for taking me away and to my Dad for treating us to our accommodation for the night (pictured above center). We were soo lucky that it was such beautiful weather both days we were there and I'm sure Jake was just glad it stayed dry for him to go have a skate with his friends on the Monday.

We drove down mid-morning and arrived at lunch time, I dropped Jake at the skatepark, went to check into our hotel and, after a failed attempt at a nap, went for a little walk down by the Scarborough Spa Complex. One of the main things I like about Scarborough is it's stereotypical old fashioned seaside town appearance. The whole seafront and bandstand area are lovely views from the woodland walks and its great that there are lots and lots of benches to rest on. I enjoyed listening to the Orchestra and even shared my bag of nuts with a squirrel :)

We met up in town a couple hours later and grabbed a bite to eat then headed back to the hotel to have a little rest before heading back out to the infamous arcades. I didn't win the Minnie Mouse toy, not happy, won't dwell. Haa! Anyways, above are some photos we took messing about with light, slow shutters and the like.
Sleep commenced as soon as we got back to the room, the early mornings had caught up on us.

In the morning, on the actual day of our Anniversary, we went for a last little walk through the woods then drove over to North Bay and visited Scarborough's Sealife Centre!

As you can see we took LOTS of photos. I had my D5000 and Jake was borrowing a friends GoPro hence the fish eye effect photos! It was a challenge with such low light conditions but it gave me a chance to sharpen my skills with different settings. We saw the seals have their breakfast, the penguins get their lunch and the otters get their tea. They were all so funny to watch! Especially the otters, which were Jake's favorite, as they played with stones and splashed about in the water.
I loved their lush loggerhead turtle Antiopi too. The poor thing has been left brain damaged after being hit by a boat propeller of the coast of the Greek island of Zante, but thankfully the Sealife Marine Sanctuary stepped in, saved her life and gave her a safe home. If you'd like to know more and find out how you can help protect our seas CLICK HERE

I couldn't get any good photographs of Antiopi but I did get some brilliant video footage of her and lots of the other residents at Scarborough Sealife. Jake edited up my footage and here is the result, I hope you enjoy it! 

And just one last photo of us from our official one year Anniversary. Thank you Jake for being my hero and turning my life around. I have never been so happy, I love you more. 

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  1. Absolutly fab pics are great darl you seem to really have really enjoyed your trip to Scarborough, dad and i love it there to we had our first vist it there for our honeymoon so i get why you like so much :)