Thursday, 6 September 2012

What's Going On? - Race For Life!

Sunday the 2nd of September the pink army finally got to complete our 'Race For Life'. Originally scheduled to be held in July, I'm pleased the rain caused it to be postponed because on the day the Heavens sent us down some glorious sunshine!!

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Over 6,300 people took part in the Cancer Research 5k 'race' and a few dogs too! As far as the eyes could see there was a sea of pink and crazy outfits. 

This is only the second year that my Mam and I have entered, but hopefully there will be many more. We just have a nice walk around the course though, no running for us :P and never fail to shed a tear or choke up plenty of times reading all the dedications, it's such an emotional but amazing experience. Well done to everyone that took part all over the country raising alot of money and awareness for the cause.

Although I didn't wear a note on my back, I dedicate my 'race' to a very dear and sorely missed friend who lost her battle 2 years ago. Hopefully one day we will discover a cure so no one loses there loved ones too soon to the terrible disease.

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To see more photos from the day, check out The Chronicle !

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