Thursday, 25 October 2012

Charity Spotlight V.3

If you haven't had the displeasure of seeing this advert in its entirety on TV, please endure the above clip.
It's had such a big effect on me. I cry my eyes out whenever it comes on.

Yeah. It is disgustingly heart breaking eh? How people who do this actually end up with animals in their care confuses me. If you dislike something so much or have no patience and compassion in your nature, then why on earth bother to take a defenseless creature into your home in the first place?!

Owning a pet does have its frustrations, I know first hand with currently potty training a new puppy but in no culture should any form of animal abuse exist.
From free range produce to animal testing and sport, as well as everyday pets to the more exotic I believe these poor little guys need a voice! If you do not have the time and/or facilities don't bother.

Trying to give them a voice is the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) who have been around since 1824 running by their mission statement of - 'The RSPCA as a charity will, by all lawful means, prevent cruelty, promote kindness to and alleviate suffering of all animals.' This applies to all animals. Farm, Pet, Wild and research animals. 
They do such a big job and need as much help as possible. Visit their website, read more, donate if you can, become a volunteer or even give one of these poor animals the loving home they all deserve.  Most importantly spread the word! 

Here is a list of more very worth while animal charities to check out -
League Against Cruel Sports
Four Paws - Against Animal Testing
Compassion In World Farming
Animal Welfare Petitions
International Fund For Animal Welfare
Non Profit Animal Charities [A super way to find smaller charities in your area!]
Fresh Fields Rescue
Blue Cross
World Wildlife Fund
Worldwide Veterinary Service
Born Free
Animal Charity Directory
Far Place (Co.Durham)

Please also CLICK HERE to sign the petition to stop the UK badger cull :(

Most importantly -

Use this search tool and see if the cosmetics and cleaning products you use are cruelty free!

Lots of love, from Bunny, Baker and Nike! <3

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  1. Wasn't keen to watch this video as i knew i would cry and yes i did but you put over what is a very,very important issue as my dad was a owner
    of countless collie dogs and a lurcher even his sheep were shown his affection animal mistreaters should be starved,beaten and shut in cages and pens to small for them and how they like the treatment they have doled out to poor defensless creatures !!!!! Very good blogg Danielle xx