Tuesday, 16 October 2012

J.D Photography - The Wedding of the Year!

As promised, here is a short post of some sneaky peaks from Mr and Mrs B's (aka Grace's Mammy and Daddy)'s Wedding day.

I'd been anticipating this day, probably almost as much as the Bride and Groom!
The whole day was fabulous from my drive up through the beautiful countryside in the early AM, fun getting ready in the Bridal suite and the ceremony where the sun shone in through the conservatory.

The wedding was at The Roxburghe Hotel and Golf Course in Kelso, which in itself is more spectacular in person than on any photo. For the sake of the couple's privacy I will only share a select few photos, I hope you enjoy.

I did say it would only be a tiny peek! Haha. I took alot of photos between 8am and 7pm. I hope the happy couple love them.

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  1. love them, they are fab Danielle i know Kim an Scott will love them :) xxxx

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